The Human Face of the IEEE

“Each morning I check Facebook, eagerly awaiting the latest Humans of IEEE post. Whether the post is related to a newest member defining how the IEEE has changed his/her life, a young professional sharing their success story or a life member sharing wisdom with the community, I read each post and stare at each picture with excitement. Some of you may ask ‘why”? Humans of IEEE (HOIEEE) represents the true image of the the people within IEEE” – Jaison Abey Sabu, IEEE Volunteer (Past SAC Chair, IEEE Kerala Section)

Sarang Shaikh - Creator of Humans of IEEE

Sarang Shaikh – Creator of Humans of IEEE

About Humans of IEEE

Humans of IEEE is a first of its kind photo-blog (a Facebook page) inspired by the movement Humans of All and its pioneer project Humans of New York. It has been making the world of IEEE more personalized since July, 2014, where it continues to embody and characterize people who constitute the IEEE. Humans of IEEE ensures that you are aware of the great achievements of IEEE Heroes. Everyone should take out some time in their busy schedule to read the articles and find inspiration and motivation from IEEE member stories – Om Perkash (Past R10 SAC Chair)

Humans of IEEE

(HOIEEE) was launched in July 2014 by IEEE Young Professional, Mr. Sarang Shaikh from IEEE Karachi Section, Pakistan (Region 10). Over 77 IEEE Stories and 16 group pictures from 32 different countries have been posted thus far.Humans of IEEE has developed a large following through its Facebook page, and has over 4,200 followers from 56 different countries as of February,2015.

“Common is not common indeed – we are all human, we speak different languages, hail from different places, follow different careers, and we all have a unique story & philosophy for life. Sharing their IEEE story on the page isn’t only necessary for others to understand how unique we all are, but valuable for the contributor to comprehend how unique he/she is.

Why Humans of IEEE?

The Humans of IEEE will never run out of stories as we have more than 400,000 volunteer members hundreds of staff members. There are still so many unique stories to be told. We all love to hear childhood and life stories which take us back to exciting and life changing times. “These stories raise feelings and emotions and it is what drives us. Listening to people is more like listening to yourself and Humans of IEEE is providing everyone with a chance to listen to what’s inside of you” says Sarang.

What’s next at HOIEEE?

Humans of IEEE are determined to build a human natured image for IEEE. As such, many new initiatives are in the pipeline. One of the next initiatives is to introduce stickers based on words that can have IEEE in them such as “HappIEEEE, SelfIEEE, achIEEEvement and LovelIEEE” so that if an IEEE human sees another lovelIEEE human with an achIEEEvement for which they are happIEEE about, he/she doesnt forget to take a selfIEEE with them.

Sarang believes we should all be prepared to listen to others no matter what they advocate. Humans of IEEE is not just a Facebook page for Sarang, it is a passion that has transformed into a habit for him to interview people, listen to them and share their stories with the public.

About the Curator:

Besides his engineering profession, Sarang is a passionate blogger who writes about his life lessons, philosophies and is an avid writer at He has recently released his maiden book “Inspire your Motivations” available on Amazon and amazon kindle. Sarang had a working opportunity as Technology Columnist at Technology Times Newspaper, Pakistan for the whole of 2013 where he started the column “Entrepreneurs in making”. He interviewed people who are aspiring entrepreneurs or accomplished business leaders. Interviewing them and listening to people’s feedback, he developed a sense to help people by sharing their work in public and inspiring others with it. As a result, the idea of Humans of IEEE came to life.

Have an interesting story? Wait no more, email and inspire others.

Pakistan Workshop on Power Electronics with Renewable Integration

The IEEE IIUI Student Branch and Faculty of Engineering & Technology in collaboration with IEEE PES and the IEEE Young Professionals Region 10 organised a national workshop to address a shortage of research in the domain of Power Electronics in Pakistan.

Workshop participants

Workshop participants

Power Electronics and its applications have seen tremendous growth in the last decade all over the world. It is an applied area of Electrical Engineering that deals with efficient Power Processing and has direct applications in many domains of the energy sector. Unfortunately, Pakistan has seen little research and development in this domain due to an outdated research focus. Pakistan still lacks consolidated Power Electronics labs and facilities in universities, industry and defense research. Several national universities of Pakistan are in the early stages of commenced research in this domain. The core objective of research in this field is to reduce the in-system power losses and provide quality power to the consumer.

This workshop was conducted to promote country-wide research and provide a collaborative platform for joint research between academia and industry.

News contributed by Ihtasham Zahid, Chairperson IEEE IIUI Student Branch, International Islamic University Islamabad


IEEE Young Professionals Leadership Conference 2014

On December 16, 2014, IEEE Phoenix Young Professionals in collaboration with IEEE Phoenix Women in Engineering, IEEE Arizona State University Student Branch, and IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu Epsilon Beta Chapter organized their first leadership conference as part of IEEE Young Professionals (formerly GOLD) Strategic Alliance initiative proposed by Shafiul “Jacky” Islam at IEEE Southwest Area Meeting on August 24, 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona.


This event was hosted at the Intel Chandler Campus, where select Intel and IEEE leaders discussed their career paths and personal journeys in mentoring others to achieve excellence in leadership. Furthermore, the conference provided excellent networking opportunities for all attendees.

The list of conference speakers are listed below:

Conference Speakers

Conference Speakers





  • David Baker – Keynote Speaker (Director, PAE-Personal Form Factor Engr, Software & Services Group, Intel Corporation)
  • Michael Bair – Keynote Speaker (Principal Engineer, Platform Engineering Group, Intel Corporation)
  • Hang Nguyen – Keynote Speaker (Sr. Principal Engineer, Lead CPU Architect, Communications Storage Infrastructure Group, Intel Corporation)
  • Mike Andrews – Keynote Speaker (Director, IEEE Region 6 Managing Partner, Andrews & Associates, President, Sound & Optics Systems)
  • Prital Shah (Sr. Software Engineer, Software & Services Group, Intel Corporation)
  • Shamala Chickamenahalli (Chair, IEEE Phoenix Women in Engineering, Staff Research Engineer, Intel Corporation)
  • Shafiul “Jacky” Islam (Chair, IEEE Phoenix Young Professionals, Software Engineer, Intel Corporation)

For more information on speakers please click here

The conference theme as established by Jacky, was to emphasize the importance of personal/character strengths (e.g. ethics, integrity, courage, honor, reliability, responsibility, resilience etc.) for excellence in leadership and the importance of strength in diversity for maximizing/driving innovation. Jacky has been living his passion for uniting and leading diverse groups of people through his IEEE Young Professionals Strategic Alliance initiative.


The group originally planned to host the conference in December 2013, but unfortunately the event was postponed to December 2014. Due to the success of the conference the group is in the process of organizing a follow up event in 2015.

The presentation slides for Jacky Islam can be found here

Announcement contributed by Shafiul ‘Jacky’ Islam, Chair, IEEE Phoenix Young Professionals, Software Engineer, Intel Corporation

Introducing Eddie Custovic, GOLDRush Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Eddie Custovic, PhDThe GOLDRush team is pleased to welcome Dr. Eddie Custovic, PhD as our new Assistant Editor-in-Chief! Eddie will be helping us expand our collaboration with the global community of IEEE members and looks forward to serving Young Professionals through his role with GOLDRush.

Eddie was born in Bosnia & Herzegovina and lived for extended periods in Switzerland and Germany before migrating to Australia. His multicultural background and multilingualism enables him to take a politically and culturally sensitive approach to life, volunteer roles and professional career.

Dr. Eddie Custovic received a B.E. Hons. (Telecommunications) degree at the La Trobe University, Melbourne, and a Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, in 2007 and 2011 respectively. He completed his PhD in Electronic Engineering and Space Physics at La Trobe University and is a lecturer in the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences.

Eddie has received numerous leadership and mentoring awards from the IEEE and educational institutions. He is currently the Project Manager – Engineering for a $3.5 million federal government initiative program called LEAP (Learn Experience Access Professions). The program is designed to offer hands on learning and increase higher education aspirations of students from low socio-economic backgrounds. Within this program Eddie has demonstrated a high level of organizational and communication skills, managing hundreds of volunteers from 9 Victorian Universities. To date the program has delivered engineering activities and provided inspirational information to over 6000 students across the state.

Over the years Eddie has volunteered with a variety of organizations ranging from sports clubs to charities to raise money for cancer research and most importantly in areas where his passion lies, science/engineering & education. For several years he has been a very energetic and active member of the IEEE, contributing across all fronts. Eddie has created strong working relationships with students, student branches, chapters/societies and senior members of the IEEE Victoria Section. Eddie enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for his career and the IEEE with the global community.

Please join me in extending Eddie a very warm welcome and our best wishes as he begins contributing to GOLDRush.

– Stuart Bottom, GOLDRush Editor-in-Chief