Greece IEEE GOLD AG Offers Summer School

fullLast summer in the beautiful city of Pyrgos, Greece, the IEEE Greece GOLD AG sponsored their third annual five-day summer school covering six topics: Algorithms, Telecom, Hardware, Encryption, Networks, and Applications. Together these topics form the name of the school, “ATHENA.” This event was hosted by the Informatics and MM Department of the Technological Educational Institute of Patras. The General Chair of the Summer School was Nicolas Sklavos, IEEE Greece GOLD Affinity Group Council’s Chair.

The courses were organised with the assistance of the following scientific and technological institutions: the IEEE Greece GOLD Affinity Group, the Department of Information and Media – Technological Educational Institute of Patras, and the Department of Telecommunication Systems and Networks – Technological Educational Institute of Messolongi, with additional support provided by KNOSSOSnet Research Group, IEEE Student Branch of Messolonghi, and the IEEE Student Branch of the University of Patras.

The Summer School was targeted to address the needs of a wide variety of audiences: undergraduate, postgraduate, Master’s and PhD Thesis students, as well as to scientists, engineers and professionals who mainly work in the areas of wireless networks and applications. The school was organized into six tracks, each corresponding to a topic in the school’s focus (“ATHENA”). During the courses, attendees were presented with fundamental issues in the application of the topic and specific use cases for advanced topics. Explorations of the latest technology applications within industrial companies which are supported by good research and engineering have provided useful instruction on the technologies involved.

Each of the 110 participants received a Certification of Successful Attendance sponsored by the IEEE Greece GOLD Affinity Group.

For more details on this event, please visit the 3rd IEEE Greece GOLD A.G. Summer School website.

Article contributed by Agni Andreopoulou, Greece IEEE GOLD AG Representative

Branch Officer and Volunteer Training in Karlskrona, Sweden

fullOn January 30, the “IEEE Branch Officers/ Volunteers Training Workshop 2013” was held in Karlskrona, Sweden to teach new branch officers and volunteers about IEEE activities. This event was jointly organized by the IEEE Sweden GOLD AG and the Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) IEEE Student Branch. All IEEE members and graduate students from BTH were welcome to participate in the event.

The workshop was led by Amir Zahoor, with Zoraze Ali and Muhammad Asif (GOLD members) co-facilitating the sessions. In attendance were 17 participants from different departments of the university. In the first session, an icebreaker was followed by an orientation on IEEE organizational structure at the section and regional levels. There were group activities to measure participants’ understanding and engage in team building. The second session covered event planning, volunteering, event management, fundraising, roles & responsibilities of branch officers, branch reporting and membership development. We believe all the participants were challenged and are now equipped to do better work as volunteers with IEEE.

Within Sweden the IEEE Sweden GOLD AG, WIE, and SAC have been locally organized into one committee named GWSAC, which has resulted in successful close collaboration on activities between the organizations. This is demonstrated by the fact that GWSAC has dramatically raised the number of IEEE activities held in Sweden over the last two years. We are grateful for the support of the Sweden section and trust that it will continue to foster IEEE GOLD, WIE, and student activities in the coming years.

Article contributed by Amir Zahoor, IEEE Sweden GOLD AG Chair

Beating unemployment with entrepreneurship in Cyprus

fullDespite the challenging economic climate in Cyprus, the recent “Learn Startup” event proved that young Cypriots are willing and able to build their future through entrepreneurship activities. During the event, three young entrepreneurs presented their experiences of creating business and technology innovation, providing practical advice to an active audience. Also, the CEOs of three business incubators gave examples of many successful companies which have been incubated in Cyprus and have attained international scope. They described the steps from the conception of an idea to building a proper team and gathering funding for implementation. The event was also attended by a representative of the local authorities, who announced the launch of a public consultation on the future co-funded Entrepreneurial Innovation Programs. The event was attended by over sixty people. In addition to the motivating and enthusiastic speeches, attendees were given an opportunity to network with each other and the speakers during the reception that followed. The event was organized by the IEEE Cyprus GOLD AG with the sponsorship of the IEEE GOLD STEP program and the IEEE Cyprus Section, and the support of the Association of PhD Candidates of Cyprus and KIOS Research Center for Intelligent Systems and Networks.

Article contributed by Dr. Antonis M. Hadjiantonis, IEEE Cyprus Section Member