Annual IEEE GMS Banquet and Awards Ceremony – Dec 5, 2014

Date:           December 5, 2014
Time:          06:00 – 09:00 PM
Location:   The Essex (Formally called the Inn at Essex)

Keynote:     The Lung as Playground for the Engineer

by Jason H.T. Bates, PhD, DSc, Professor of Medicine, Pulmonary/Critical Care Division
University of Vermont College of Medicine

Abstract: The lung has long been a favorite object of study for the quantitatively inclined because of the ease and accuracy with it can be probed. Gas pressures, flows and concentrations can be measured at the mouth with a temporal resolution that makes them enticing targets for the tools of signal processing, and leads to numerous opportunities for mathematical and computational modeling. These activities can be both intriguing to the electrical engineer and helpful to medicine.

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