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The IEEE-USA Annual Meeting is a training mecca for engineering-oriented professionals, students and academics in the U.S. Workshops for young professionals, competitions for students, organizing community service projects, career development events, and social networking events are just part of the offerings for this annual event.

IEEE-USA supports the education, career development, and public policy interests of the U.S. regions of the IEEE, the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technology for humanity with more than 430,000 members worldwide.

This year, the Milwaukee Section is proud to host the annual meeting/convergence and the co-located 36th Meeting of the Great Lakes Biomedical Conference (GLBC 2015).

Traditional Annual Meeting Offerings

IEEE and IEEE-USA’s tools and programs developed to support IEEE members at all membership grades are numerous and bountiful. The vast array of IEEE-USA offerings have been developed to provide members and volunteers with assistance in managing IEEE activities, and ultimately providing skills useful in the workplace.

Learning how to use these tools for personal and professional development or to aid volunteers in executing for the membership brings powerful results. Whether planning an event, learning more about a technical subject or gaining experience in project management, this Annual Meeting of the IEEE-USA is designed for the members and volunteers that are on the move and looking for ways of engaging the members of their section or region, or who have professional development needs. During Convergence 2015, we are pleased to offer continuing education units (CEUs) and professional development hours (PDHs).

Condensed into just a few hours, the offerings at the May 2015 meeting are intended for those in need of quick intense training as well as those who are curious about unfamiliar disciplines, for example, technology policy.

This year we have offerings that include the major functional areas of IEEE-USA to assist members in making the most of their membership.


Conference Committee

  • Russ Meier, IEEE-USA Annual Meeting General Co-Chair
  • James Blaha, IEEE-USA Annual Meeting General Co-Chair
  • Jeffrey LaMack, Ph.D., Great Lakes Biomedical Conference General Chair
  • Emily Sopensky, IEEE-USA Annual Meeting Program Chair
  • Ron Nelson, IEEE-USA Annual Meeting Program Vice Chair
  • Wilkistar Otieno, Conference Treasurer
  • Dr. Gary L. Blank
  • Thomas G Habetler
  • James Jefferies
  • Manori Nadesalingam
  • Ed Perkins
  • Charles Rubenstein


IP and Innovation Workshop

Featured Sessions Include:


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