Ph.D. fellowship in Satellite Remote Sensing and Climate (CNRM, Météo-France)

Dear all, We are looking for highly motivated Ph.D. candidates to join the CNRM laboratory from Météo-France. The aim of the Ph.D. is to quantify the impacts of forest cover changes (deforestation and afforestation) on the climate of temperate regions using 40 years of satellite observations.   The Ph.D. fellowship is already available and will… Read more

Post-doc Position in ONERA: Study and development of Xampling techniques for very large bandwidth signal recording and search radar

Keywords : Compressed Sensing, Xampling, Large bandwidth recording, Radar Context : The « compressed sensing » (CS) technique has appeared in 2006 in articles by Donoho and Candès. It represents one of the most significative breakthrough of the last fifty years in signal processing. This technique enables to acquire a signal by recording far less… Read more