Member Benefits

Membership with IEEE Young Professionals offers many benefits to everyone from Graduate Students to the working professional. Below is a list of some of the benefits:

Keeping Technically Current

Access to publications, technical societies, and conferences from around the world. With so many societies and articles everyone can find something their interested in!

Career Resources and Recognition

IEEE provides many valuable resources to members who have just left college all the way through their career. Some of these are the IEEE Job Site where job postings can be found, ResumeLab where members can get help with writing/updating their resume, Webinars, an eLearning Library, and even Mentoring!

Professional Networking

IEEE provides opportunities for members to network with each other and the community at large. This includes an online IEEE forum called IEEE Collabratec, local meetings, professional societies, and IEEE sponsor conferences.

Continuing Education

Develop new skills and advance your professional development using IEEE’s Continuing Education Providers Program otherwise known as IEEE Innovation at Work!


IEEE can even get you discounts on many proprietary products and services such as Dell Laptops, Insurance, UPS, and UpCounsel (online law services).

Humanitarian Programs

Volunteer for special interest groups or to help local/global communities! IEEE aims to make a difference for humanity, reach out to find out how you can help!

You can use the Global Benefits Finder (found here) to find benefits that are most relevant to you based on your Career Phase and Country.