Executive Committee


Co-Chair: Jeffrey McDaniel recently graduated from UC Riverside with his PhD in computer science. His research focused on applying the skills learned from computer science into biotech areas, specifically lab automation. He has published several journal articles and conference papers in the field, and has collaborated with some of the top researchers in his focus area. He is pursuing starting his own company based on his research, and in the meantime he is lecturing at UC Riverside in upper division Computer Science courses. Outside of his research pursuits, Jeffrey is incredibly passionate about increasing the availability of computer science education and programming in K-12 schools, growing the entrepreneurial spirit at UC Riverside and in the surrounding community, and growing the population and involvement of young professionals in the area in all fields.


3c565eaCo-Chair: Dylan Shanahan graduated December 2015 from California Baptist University with his Bachelor’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is planning on pursuing a Master’s Degree in Robotics when he is able to. He currently works for Universal Robots in Irvine, CA as a Technical Support Engineer; his job includes assisting with technical questions, training how to use the robots, and traveling over the Western US for trade shows and sales calls. He keeps close contact with local Universities and hopes to be a contact between the educational field and his industry. He hopes to grow IEEE Young Professionals to be a source of professional development, networking, and fun for everyone involved.