Future Leaders Forum – Day 1

The first day of the conference had some amazing speakers, such as: Vinton Cerf (Chief Engineer Evangelist for Google – Co-founder of the Internet), Patty Hatter (Intel), Tiago Sousa (idSoftware), Jeffery Eker (CultureCloud), and Nancy Martin (GE Global Research). They talked on how to solve problems and empower those around you, and yourself, to become better than what you are today. They talked about how the future is ever changing and how we can be the guides to that change, to influence the world in dramatic ways.

Vinton talked about providing an atmosphere for innovation (freedom to fail, rewarding success, and allowing everyone to intermingle between departments). He talked about planning for the future with what we’re doing now and taking risks because innovation and risk go hand in hand.

Patty also emphasized taking risks but making sure to secure yourself before doing so. She talked about cybersecurity and how everything we do needs to have security planned into it.

Tiago talked about “Going back to Square 1”. His talk was aimed at how to better ourselves and those around us by evaluating what we do and continually improving our abilities and our work. By continually evaluating and speculating on our procedures we can determine if it’s important for us to change how we do things, if it’s important to change how we interact with others/work, or if it’s important to do anything at all.

Jeffery talked about realizing what your BRAND is and using that to identify yourself. “I have, I have done, I will do”. Personal Branding not only determines how others evaluate you early on but it helps to differentiate yourself from others. Talk to everyone (you never know who is around you), look for resources, make connections, use them; by utilizing this style of “marketing” you can obtain goals you wouldn’t have thought possible.

Nancy talked about the value of imperfection, realizing that everyone makes mistakes and that’s okay. People make mistakes but learning from them can be vastly rewarding. Also, not taking risks can leave you with regrets. One piece of advice that was given (to her daughter but applies to everyone) was: “Don’t die. Everything else you can come back from”.

“I’d rather try and fail, than never try at all” – William F. O’Brien

— Dylan Shanahan

Co-Chair of Young Professionals, Foothill Section

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