The 3rd IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems (ICPS 2020)

The 3rd IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems (ICPS 2020) will be held on 9-12 June 2020, in Tampere, Finland.

The IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems (ICPS) is to provide a platform to exchange research and innovation results, lessons learned from industrial practices associated with new paradigms and technologies. ICPS 2020 is going to be the conference series presenting the state of the art and future perspectives of Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems. The industry experts, researchers, and academics share ideas and experiences surrounding frontier technologies, breakthroughs and innovative solutions and applications. The world’s industry, researchers, and academia are cordially invited to participate in this exciting event and enjoy the wonderful city of Tampere.

The conference features technical tracks on

  • Industry Architectures, Industry Standards, RAMI 4.0, Industrial IoT
  • Core Technologies, Interoperability, Communication Networks, Connectivity OT/IT, Semantics, Control, Security, IoT/IoS, Machine Learning, Autonomous Systems, Cloud-Fog Computing, Big/Smart Data, Security.
  • Engineering Methods and Tools, Lifecycle Management, Integration, HMI, Safety, Engineering Systems of ICPS.
  • Smart Manufacturing, Robotics, Smart Cities, Energy/Smart Grid, Smart Living, Smart Farming, Mobility, Water Management, Mining, Oil & Gas, Intelligent Enterprise, Smart Transportation, Internet of Underwater Things, Smart Medical Systems.
  • Innovation Management, Innovation Ecosystems, Visions/Roadmaps, Industry Digitalization, Strategies & Markets, Entrepreneurship.
  • Digital Society, Education, Lifelong ICPS Learning, ICPS Curricula, Social Aspects, Sustainability, Machine Ethics

In addition, the conference features a short papers track:

  • Short papers (4 pages) on all ICPS areas

Further details, e.g. on the special sessions and tutorials that will be organized, are available via the webpage of the event.

A call for papers can be found here