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Optical Measurement and Imaging seminar

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In the end of May, students, researchers and company representatives gathered to listen presentations about the latest technological achievements on optical and imaging measurements. The goal of the one day-long seminar was to bring together the industry and research representatives and allow them to discuss about the latest achievements in the field of optical sensing. The seminar provided a great opportunity to meet new individuals and create valuable contacts with specialist working in the same area of interest.

The seminar started with the presentations from the University of Oulu and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and continued with the speech given by the keynote speaker Jyrki Saarinen. His topic was about how a high quality research can lead to a successful international business. After Jyrki’s speech, six companies, mostly start-up companies, were presenting their novel products related to optical measurements. In addition, they provided insights about origin of innovations and how difficulties related to commercialization. The event was concluded with the social event which provided participants a great opportunity to discuss and network in the informal atmosphere.



Keynote speaker: Jyrki Saarinen


Head of Photonics Applications and Commercialization research at the University of Eastern Finland. Prof. Saarinen received his D. Sc. (Tech.) degree from Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) in 1995. He headed the Diffractive Optics and Micro-Optics research group at TKK. Since 1997 he has been Adjunct Professor of Micro-Optics at TKK, now Aalto University. In 1993 he co-founded Heptagon – a company in Silicon Valley, USA. As CEO and later as Senior Vice President of Business Development and Member of the Board he was the driving force behind Heptagon’s growth from a one-man company to a world-leading developer and manufacturer of advanced micro-optics solutions with one thousand employees. He identified major breakthrough products and market segments as well as acquired high-profile customers.


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