November Industry-university co-operation meeting of IEEE Young Professionals

The Industry-university co-operation meeting of IEEE Young Professionals on 6.11 has been successfully completed. Represented companies were Sandvik, GE, Efore, Merus Power, Danfoss, Empower, ABB, Gofore, VTT.

The meeting was organized to discuss how to support the Tampere university after its re-start in 2019. During the dinner, it was decided to create an industry supported BSc thesis program for students of power electronics and automation. This means, that suitable BSc thesis topics in industry will be offered. The students will be supported during their BSc thesis process and after that, students have the opportunity to be hired. Industry visits to the University will be organized and also students shall be able to visit factories and test sites.

The first visiting lectures are organized in the end of the year 2019 and the official industry-supported BSc program will start in spring 2020.

In addition to university support, co-operation possibilities with companies were discussed especially in the projects funded by EU and Business Finland and Tampere University career opportunities and career development.