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List of prominent members of IEEE in Finnish Section

Thursday, February 20th, 2020

IEEE Fellows

    • Moncef Gabbouj for contributions to nonlinear signal processing and video communication (2011).
    • Matti Karjalainen for contributions to perceptual audio signal modeling and processing (2010).
    • Jorma Kivilahti for contributions to the reliability of lead-free electronics (2005).
    • Visa Koivunen, for contributions to statistical signal processing for multichannel signals and sensor arrays (2011).
    • Jaakko Malmivuo for contributions to theoretical and experimental aspects of bioelectromagnetic phenomena (2007).
    • Markku Renfors for contributions to digital signal processing algorithms (2008).
    • Nadarajah Asokan for contributions to system security and privacy (2017).
    • Karen Egiazarian for contributions to image and video denoising and restoration
    • Tapio Saramäki for contributions to the design and implementation of digital filters and filter banks (2002).
    • Ari Sihvola for contributions to the application of theory in electromagnetic complex media and random materials (2006).
    • Sergei Tretyakov for contributions to artificial electromagnetic media for applications in wireless and optical systems (2008)
    • Vesa Välimäki for contributions to synthesis and processing of audio signals (2015)
    • Sergiy Vorobyov for contributions to optimization in robust signal processing

IEEE Life Fellows

    • Martti Hallikainen for contributions to microwave remote sensing of forests, snow, and sea ice (1993).
    • Matti Pietikäinen, for contributions to texture and facial image analysis for machine vision (2011).
    • Antti Räisänen for contributions to and leadership in millimeter-wave receiver technology (1994).
    • Niilo Saranummi for leadership in biomedical engineering and biomedical information technology (2009).
    • Jaakko Astola for contributions to the theory and applications of nonlinear signal processing (2000).
    • Erkki Oja for contributions to the theory and applications of artificial neural networks (2000).
    • Jukka A. Henriksson for contributions to mobile digital television (2012).
    • Ismo Lindell for contributions to electromagnetic theory and for the development of education on electromagnetics in Finland (1990).
    • Yrjö Neuvo for contributions to digital-signal processing algorithms and engineering education (1989).
    • Jorma Nieminen for contributions to development of the mobile communications industry (2012).
    • Martti Tiuri for contributions to the theory and techniques of microwave radiometers and microwave applications in remote sensing and industrial instrumentation (1986).