Excursion to Nokia

The event took place on December 13, 2018 at the NOKIA Executive Experience Center in Espoo, at the Karakallio Campus. The center, said to be the biggest demo facility of Nokia, is an impressive demonstration theater of series of halls, exhibiting all current products, a stage, a server room as well as a lobby with a buffet. Passing by the wall of fame with the Bell Labs’ Nobel laureates, we were welcomed by dedicated experts of their own fields ready to gave presentations. The presentations were focused on the current and future Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence works at the Nokia. First, after round of introductions, we heard Jari Lehtonen’s long and thorough slide presentation on ML based AI in Cellular Radio Networks. The presentation was met with lively discourse on this topic between the presenter and the audience which apparently composed of several expert of the field. After detailed 5G infrastructure presentation Vilho Räisänen of Nokia Bell Labs introduced us to the soft side of 5G, the AI/ML in Network Management and Orchestration. Following, we had opportunities to freely discuss any questions of our interest at various interactive presentation stops on Analytics services powered by AVA and 5G industrial automation and cooperative robots. We got a very enthusiastic presentations, all with lively interactions, questions and expert answers from the top experts straight from the Nokia offices. We wrapped up our visit in the actually operating server room, integrated all the concepts we discussed before. If anything were more impressive than the products and the future systems what we have seen, than those were our hosts with their admiring expertise. Thank you!

Reported by Peter Jakubik

Nokia Executive Experience center. Source: Nokia