Excursion to Trimble Solutions

The excursion to Trimble Solutions Oy in Espoo was organized in 27.11.2017 at 13-16. The starting point of the journey was at the TUAS building of Aalto University which can be conveniently accessed with the brand new Länsimetro. As can be seen in the photos below, the metro was not overly crowded around 12:30 on the Monday.


At TUAS building we gathered our group and headed towards Trimble premises. On the left below you can see some excited people waiting for the departure. On the right you can see the Trimble premises as seen from the bridge over Kehä I.

Kim Nyberg from Trimble welcomed us to the premises and started with a short general presentation about the company. Then we saw interesting demonstrations of 3D structure design software, augmented reality (AR) solutions as well as other solutions that Trimble has. In the end we also had the chance to try the AR glasses ourselves. The visit ended around 16 o’clock and we headed back to Otaniemi and some continued via the Länsimetro all the way to Helsinki.