Program (New!)

The IEEE Ethics 2016 Program and Program-at-a-Glan are now ready!


Day 1: Friday, May 13, 2016
0730-0845Continental Breakfast (Pinnacle II)
0800Registration Opens at 0800 (Shaughnessy Foyer)
Shaughnessy I & II
0845-0900Welcome & Opening Remarks:
CHARLES RUBENSTEIN (Conference Executive Chair; Pratt Institute)
0900-0930Opening Keynote: ROB HUNTER (Bull Housser)
Ethical Issues your Mother did not address
0930-1030Session A1: PANEL 1
Frenemies: Navigating the collaborative DMZ between competitors
- hosted by PETER HOFFMAN (Boeing)
1030-1100Break (Shaughnessy Foyer)
1100-1300Special Session: Maslov's ETHICS GAME
Using e-Factor to Role-play the Ethical Decision Process - MARCY MASLOV
(Chief Integrity Builder, Executive Coach and creator of e-Factor!®)
1300-1400Lunch (Pinnacle II)
Shaughnessy IShaughnessy IICaulfeild
1400-1530Session A2: PANEL 2
Ethical Considerations in the Design of Artificial Intelligence – chaired by John C. Havens (IEEE Standards Association)
Session A3: PANEL 3
Integrative Approaches to Cultivating Ethical STEM
- chaired by Matt Brown (University of Texas Dallas)
Session A4: WORKSHOP
Ethics in Engineering under a Professional Self-Regulatory Model - hosted and facilitated by Peter Mitchell & Efrem Swartz (APEGBC)
1530-1600Break (Shaughnessy Foyer)
1600-1700Session B1: PANEL 4
Discrimination and Technology - chaired by Anna Hoffmann (University of California Berkeley)
Session B2: PAPER SET 1
Regulation and Big Data
Session B3: WORKSHOP
Repeat of Session A4
1730-1830Networking / Free Time
1830-1900Pre-Dinner Cocktail Reception (Ambleside I)
1900-2100Conference Dinner (Ambleside I)
Dinner Keynote: SUBRATA SAHA (SUNY Downstate Medical Center)
Ethical Challenges in Biomedical Engineering Research and Practice

Day 2: Saturday, 14 May 2016
0715-0830Continental Breakfast (Pinnacle II)
Shaughnessy IShaughnessy IICaulfeild
0830-0930Session C1: PAPER SET 2
Ethics Innovation and Design
Session C2: PAPER SET 3
Ethics and Risk
Session C3: WORKSHOP
Improve Professional Practice by Encouraging a Moral Engineering Culture - hosted and facilitated by Don Gotterbarn & Bo Brinkman (ACM Committee on Professional Ethics)
0930-1030Session D1: PAPER SET 4
Ethics and the Internet
Session D2: PAPER SET 5
Scientific Integrity in Computational Research
1030-1100Break (Shaughnessy Foyer)
1100-1230Session E1: PANEL 5
The Ethical Challenges of Invisible Software - chaired by Shannon Vallor (Santa Clara University)
Session E2: PAPER SET 6
Ethics of Smart Machines
Session E3: PAPER SET 7
Ethics & Technology Management
1230-1330Lunch (Pinnacle II)
1330-1500Session F1: PAPER SET 8
Enhancement Technologies and Neuroprosthetics
Session F2: PAPER SET 9
Ethics of Autonomous Machines
Session F3: PAPER SET 10
Ethics in Markets, Corporations, and Workplaces
1500-1600Session G1: PANEL 6
Ethics in Military Health
- chaired by Richard Wilson (Loyola University in Maryland)
Session G2: PAPER SET 11
Teaching Engineering Ethics: Methods and Approaches
1600-1615Break (Shaughnessy Foyer)
Shaughnessy I & II
1615-1645Closing Keynote: PHILIP CHMIELEWSKI (Loyola Marymount University)
Techno-ethics: Upon Shifting Selves and Translocal Networks Constructing the Metropolis
1645-1700Closing Remarks: CHARLES RUBENSTEIN (Conference Executive Chair)

The ETHICS 2016 Conference Bulletin, abstracts and papers will be available at:

(through 31 May 2016)