Logo Interpretation Contest-2014



This is the logo of the Ethics’2014 symposium. It can be interpreted in many different ways… What is YOUR (Ethics-related) interpretation?

“What do you see…?”

There are no prizes, but there will be praises: The top 3 interpretations, to be selected by the Students and Young Professionals Activities committee will be published with the name of the proposer in the Symposium web site, and recognized at the symposium. Please post your interpretations to our LinkedIn group, Facebook page or tweet it to @IEEE_Ethics.







Much effort was put into the design of the Symposium logo, designed by Tayfun Akgul and Lina Maria Hernandez.

The Red face with Green Eye has powerful symbolism behind it: “In the face of adversity (red), the person sees the right path (green)”. The red signifies the “adversity” or “danger” one “faces”, while the green in the eye implies setting “sights” on that which is “best.”

Ethics can be observed as being, at times, “fuzzy,” and, like art, it is subject to interpretation, there may be other interpretation and the explanation may be in the eye of the beholder.

While “our” interpretation was not published, a “Logo Interpretation Contest” was announced several months ago, requesting suggested interpretations for the logo. Six responses were received, all of them are great with excellent insight into the intention of the logo and into the diversity it may represent. Those are shown below:


Arup Dasgupta The transition from Red to Green shows the journey from danger to safety. The curve shows one’s self worth over time – the initial idealism, the low of conflicts and the final increase of self worth as we navigate the waters of the professional world. The green eye in the red face represents the innate desire to be true to ones values in the face of perils.
Miloš N Mladenović I see my eyes. I see the eyes of every human being ever. I see responsibility. Responsibility to myself. Responsibility to every human being ever. To all those that have enabled the life we live right now. And to all those in the future, whose lives we will affect.
Ali Dizani As an engineer, equipped with moral characteristics, I could have a green view of technology; so I can be called a professional.
Bidemi Ologunde I think the Symposium logo has a lot of meanings to it. To some extent, I believe this is the whole idea behind it…The eye is wary, trying to observe if its actions will not be misinterpreted. The curve represents the fine line separating what is ethically acceptable and otherwise…
Safoora Fatima What do I see? I see that someone is always watching! What I am interpreting from this is, whatever your beliefs always do the right…
Yusuf Ahmed “It takes no more than one open eye to be Ethical”
Asma Sajid “I see an eye, that is in suffering of being critically analyzed”


Thank you, all respondents, for your outstanding suggestions and submissions.