Mar 1, 2017 – Meeting Notes

Robots in repose: a semi-disarmed KEN v2 waits patiently for its other limb, while KEN3 meditates on cable management.

This week, we continued our work from the last meeting, and all but one of our robots got some attention. Repairs were made to KEN 1’s neck, and the robot readied to go out for another demo. KEN v2 received the same NTP (time server) setup that KEN 3 & 4 got last week, after removing and temporarily replacing an unreliable USB power brick.

KEN4’s head is coming together, and a 3D-printed pulley was added to the neck assembly, providing an attachment for a spring or other tensioner that will ease the burden on the tilt servo. The same modification will be added to KEN3, which was undergoing vision system tests this time.

Next time, we’ll continue testing KEN3, and start putting the last pieces in place for KEN4’s structure and mechanisms.