Special Sessions

Ins and Outs of Start-Ups

Richard Beranek
CEO and Co-Founder

Don Bradley
Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Braebon Medical

Jennifer Francis
Network Chair
Capital Angel Network

The Ins and Outs of Start-Ups includes a panel which will allow biomedical engineering start-up CEOs and CTOs as well as professional investors to discuss the various aspects of start-up companies; from what they wish they knew when they started out to some of their biggest success stories, each panelist will bring forth advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Ins and Outs of Academia

Dr. Adrian Chan
Professor, Associate Dean, Programs & Awards
Carleton University

Richard Beranek
CEO and Co-Founder

Amaya Arcelus
Defence Scientist
Defence Research and Development Canada

Isabelle Catelas
Canada Research Chair
University of Ottawa

Lisbeth Grondahl
Associate Professor
The University of Queensland

The Ins and Outs of Academia will include a diverse panel of experts who have completed a PhD with a research focus in bioengineering and are all currently pursuing different careers (working as professors, in industry or government, etc.) to show students the opportunities that arise when they pursue a graduate degree.

Women in Engineering

Dr. Winne Ye
Canada Research Chair, Associate Professor
Carleton University

Janet Davis
Section Chair/Senior Manager Base & Kernel SW Development
IEEE Ottawa/Ciena

Dr. Sawsan Abdul Majid
Government Liaison Program Chair
Ottawa PEO Section

Ms. Jennifer Ng-Ain-Kin
Regulatory Affairs, Project Manager
Abbott Point of Care

The Women in Engineering includes a diverse panel of remarkable women who contribute to the engineering field through industry, academia and volunteering to discuss the current and future roles of women in engineering.