Technical Presentations Schedule

Time Track 1: Networked, Wireless, Wearable Technology and Medical Devices
(Monday May 30)
10:30 AM Effects of membrane noise on cardiac excitable model pacemaking activity
by Alireza Aghighi and Philippe Comtois
10:45 AM Characterization of the Implantable Neurostimulator-Based Wireless Bioimpedance Measurement Technique
by Dmitrijs Celinskis and Bruce Towe
11:00 AM Comparison of Inertial Sensor Data from the Wrist and Mid-Lower Back During a 2-Minute Walk Test
by Johnny Farah, Edward Lemaire and Natalie Baddour
11:15 AM Effectiveness of micro-current electrical stimulation for treating rheumatoid arthritis and optimized current level
by Seo Hyun Kim, Hana Lee, Dong Hyun Hwang, Seungkwan Cho, Dong Hyun Seo and Han Sung Kim
11:30 AM Proof of Principle of a Stokes Polarimetry Probe for Skin Lesion Evaluation
by Daniel Louie, Lioudmila Tchvialeva and Tim Lee
11:45 AM Continuous Monitoring of Mechanical Properties of Plantar Soft Tissue for Diabetic Patients Using Wearable Ultrasonic and Force Sensors
by Fatemeh Zabihollahy, Bruno Trinidade, Yuu Ono and Edward Lemaire
Time Track 2: Biosignals and Bioinstrumentation
(Monday May 30)
10:30 AM Simultaneous Accelerometer Measurements of Arterial Activity During Benign Ventricular Ectopy
by Natalie Canino and Charles Robinson
10:45 AM Comparison of Active and Passive Electrodes in Their Optimized Electroencephalography Amplifier System
by Veronika Cencen, Masako Hirotani, and Adrian Chan
11:00 AM Effect of Inter-electrode Distance on Frequency Parameters of Surface EMG During Isometric Contraction
by Gelareh Hajian, Ashmita De and Evelyn Morin
11:15 AM Validation of the Empatica E4 Wristband
by Cameron Mccarthy, Nikhilesh Pradhan, Calum Redpath and Andy Adler
11:30 AM The Effect of Surface Electromyography Placement on Muscle Activation Amplitudes and Timing
by Rhianne Lopez and T. Claire Davies
11:45 AM Rotor Pivot Point Identification with Intrinsic Mode Function Complexity Index using Empirical Mode Decomposition
by Shivaram Poigai Arunachalam, Siva Mulpuru, Paul Friedman and Elana Tolkacheva
Time Track 3: Biomechanics, Robotics and Rehabilitation Engineering
(Monday May 30)
10:30 AM Degree-wise Control of an Humanoid Manipulator Based on Biceps Brachii Muscle Activity
by Liang He and Pierre A. Mathieu
10:45 AM Measuring Dynamic Joint Stiffness of L4/L5 Joints in Human Lumbar Spines During Controlled Dynamic Tasks: A Pilot Study
by Amir Hossein Moslehi
11:00 AM Review and analysis of recent development of lower extremity exoskeletons for walking assist
by Zlatko Lovrenovic and Marc Doumit
11:15 AM Haptic Feedback in Lower-Limb Prosthesis
by J. Miles Canino and Kevin B. Fite
11:30 AM Mechanomyography tracks muscle mechanical changes during NMES-evoked Torque Production
by Morufu Olusola Ibitoye, Nur Azah Hamzaid, Ahmad Khairi Abdul Wahab, Nazirah Hasnan and Glen M. Davis
11:45 AM A Critical Examination of Three Approaches for the Design of Passive Ankle Walking Assist Devices
by Scott Pardoel Speaker and Marc Doumit
12:00 PM Analysis of vertical ground reaction force waveforms of trans-tibial prosthesis users
by Stacey Zhao, Tim Bryant, and Qingguo Li
Time Track 4: Bioinformatics, Modelling and Classification
(Tuesday May 31)
8:30 AM Predicting Novel Protein-Protein Interactions Between the HIV-1 Virus and Homo Sapiens
by Bradley Barnes, Maryam Karimloo, Andrew Schoenrock, Daniel Burnside, Edana Cassol, Alex Wong, Frank Dehne, Ashkan Golshani and James R. Green
8:45 AM Using Convolutional Neural Networks for Natural Saccade Classification from Electroencephalography Signals
by Alexandre Drouin-Picaro and Tiago Henrique Falk
9:00 AM Comparison of Sequence- and Structure-Based Protein-Protein Interaction Sites
by Kevin Dick and James Green
9:15 AM An interoperable common storage system for share dialysis clinical data
by Domenico Vito, Giustina Casagrande, Camilla Bianchi and Maria Laura Costantino
Time Track 5: Computational Modelling and Simulation
(Tuesday May 31)
8:30 AM Modal Analysis of a Parameterized Model of Pathological Vocal Fold Vibration
by Raymond Greiss, Joana Rocha, and Edgar Matida
8:45 AM Machine Learning Model for Temporal Pattern Recognition
Catherine Inibhunu and Carolyn McGregor
9:00 AM Modeling and Analysis of a Novel Approach for Particle Separation Using Time-Varying Amplitude Dielectrophoresis
by Paresa Modarres and Maryam Tabrizian
9:15 AM Statistical Features Extraction for Multivariate Pattern Analysis in Meditation EEG using PCA
by Laxmi Shaw and Aurobinda Routray
Time Track 6 : Medical Imaging, Visualization and Image Processing
(Tuesday May 31)
8:30 AM Portable Real-time PCR System Using Tablet-based Fluorescence Imaging
by Hayden Bialek, Jacob Dawes, Donald Heer and Matthew Johnston
8:45 AM Urogenital Kinematics Mesaured in the Sagittal Plane using a Novel Ultrasound Image Processing Approach
by Catriona Czyrnyj, Michel Labrosse and Linda McLean
9:00 AM Evaluation of a T1 Mapping Technique for Stratifying Patient Risk: A Preliminary Study using Computer Simulations of Cardiac Electrophysiology
by George Hanna and Eranga Ukwatta
9:15 AM Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Hirschsprung’s Disease
by Marco Law, Adrian Chan and Dina El Demellawy
9:30 AM Automatic Multi-segmentation of Abdominal Organs by Level Set with Weighted Global and Local Forces
by Malinda Vania, Deukhee Lee and Sunhee Kim
Time Special Presentations: Transcriptome analysis in cancer diagnosis and treatment
(Tuesday May 31)
8:30 AM Multi-View Matrix Factorizations for High-Throughput Transcriptomatics Data Integration
by Yifeng Li
8:45 AM Cost-Sensitive Classification on Class-balanced Ensembles for Imbalanced Non-coding RNA Data
by Bashier Elkarami, Abedalrhman Alkhateeb and Luis Rueda
9:00 AM A new clustering method using wavelet-based probability density functions (PDF) for identifying patterns in time series
by Mojtaba Kordestani, Abedalrhman Alkhateeb, Iman Rezaeian, Luis Rueda and Mehrdad Saif
9:15 AM Session Posters Presented
Time Design Competition Schedule
(Sunday May 29)
3:30 PM Introductions
3:35 PM Monitoring of Arduino-based PPG and GSR Signals through an Android Device
Itaf Omar Joudeh, Mohamed Alhamwi and Arslan Haq
3:44 PM Redesigning a Recycling Process to Provide Secure Supported Employment for Those with Disabilities
Madison Lyndaker, John Rockwood, Victoria Kirkemo, Schayne Belrose and Charles Robinson
3:53 PM Medical Glossary for Aboriginal Interpreters
Jose Arturo Santoyo Guilarte
4:02 PM Development of DNA Aptamers Against Human Red Blood Cells: A Novel Drug Delivery System
Zerin Khan
4:11 PM Battery-Powered Real-Time PCR Machine
Jacob Dawes and Hayden Bialek
4:20 PM Development of a Lifelike and Functional Passive Prosthetic Hand for Small Infants
James Klein, Ian McKenzie, Gabrielle Sebaldt and Jaeeun Yoo
4:29 PM AlertBuddy: Wearable Emergency Alerting Device for the Hearing Impaired
Amente Bekele, David Bui, Monisha Gunalan, David Yao and Meng-Ze Liu
4:38 PM Break
4:53 PM CerebraLux: A Low Cost, Open Source, Wireless Device for Optogenic Stimulation
Robel Dagnew, Viola Quach, Jerikko Agatep and Elaine Lin
5:02 PM Accessible Elevators – Making Elevators Accessible to Disabled Individuals
Matthew Eisler, Naveed Mazloum and Mike Konieczny
5:11 PM Electronic Swim Coach for Blind Athletes
Jonathan Oommen and David Bews
5:20 PM OMNISTEP: A Wearable Technology to Reduce Falls in the Elderly
Gabriel Keller Guimaraes, Windy Wang and Yinyin Zhou
5:29 PM A Better Prosthetic Hook
Thomas Truong, Surath Gomis, Stefan Belev and Dallas Wilde
5:38 PM Smart Medical Assessment and Review Technology Assistance (SMARTassist)
Ingrid Grozavu and Yuanchao Xue
5:47 PM Capstone Carleton University Crash Test Dummy Project: Tissue Simulation
Francesca Tsimiklis, Tina Lacava and Theron Maggs

*Should a presenter fail to show up on time for his/her presentation, the next scheduled presenter will be asked to present at that time, therefore presentation times are subject to change. Should a presenter show up after his/her scheduled presentation time, provided there is time left at the end of the session, his/her presentation could be given at that time.