New Initiatives

Launching in 2013 : The IEEE EdSoc Direct to Student Program  

Some of us are lucky enough to take part of a higher education by which promotes substantial standards of intellectual developments and valuable skill sets. But many of us do not reach the cut off to partake in a legitimate higher education for the betterment of the overall society. Most of the developing countries, suffer from this gap margin between the uneducated youth and the very few that made it to college. Our goal in this program is to try to lessen the gap by involving both college students, high school students and even drop outs, working together under one roof, so to solve “Barangay”- District Problems via engineering skills.  The competition will resemble the concept of the film “The Hunger Games”. Each District / Barangay will be represented by a team of students and their professional consultant, the team has to solve one fundamental social problem to make it to the next level, thus, survive the Hunger game. Problems are to be chosen from Healthcare, Water or Air Pollution, Structure, Housing, or even Safety measures of the districts, however, the team are free to address any problem they see fit.

Before the start of the competition, the IEEE Student Volunteers who are to be selected from Engineering and Science Colleges so to conduct seminars and how-to tutorials for the high school students and drop outs. Together with the selected teams, the student volunteers ought to engage in the process of hunger game- competition as well.

The first operations of the program roles out in the second quarter of 2013,  in the Philippines.  For more details about the program contact Kay Slimani ( .

Launching in 2013 : The IEEE EdSoc One World, One Education Program  

The IEEE EdSocSAC would like to initiate a new system which helps the students across the globe to access the educational contents available freely on the Internet such as from OpenCourseWares (OCW) easily and effectively. This aims at bringing  together content from OCWs, video tutorials and PDF tutorials being currently offered, categorize and index them in a suitably, bringing them under one umbrella for easy access. Currently there are several open courses and tutorials which are distributed across numerous portals making it difficult for new students to search, compare and choose the most suitable resource. Even courses with the same content vary in several ways including the university offering the course, certification offered, time frame, complexity etc, given the lack of standardization it is a source of confusion.

The essence of the proposed project lies in connecting  and cataloging all the course details, reviews and links under a single portal . The integrated online platform (portal) can suggest the most appropriate courses for the  students based on specific requirements and preferences. The new site with a user friendly interface and availability of resources at a single point of contact. This approach would help in popularizing Open CourseWares and accelerating the new era of online education in developing countries, where lack of access to learning material is a serious deterrent to many students. This mission can empower students lacking proper resources to study advanced topics or simply provide a guideline to student lost amidst the explosion of online education resources.

The first preview of the portal is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2013,  launched with a pilot in India.  For more details about the program contact Shahul Hameed ( . The OCW hosts and associated stakeholders for being part of the program, or entities who would like not to be indexed can contact Subhamoy Mandal ( This effort is in best interest of Students and have no commercial interests whatsoever, intrinsic or explicit, nor any special request be entertained.