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Paper Presentation Assistance

Presenting an idea in the right way is very essential .A prominent idea can go unnoticed when delivered the wrong way. Before going to present it in a competition or a summit, based on the idea being proposed by him/her all the background work has to be done thoroughly. Mumbling during question hour or eradicating wrong answers will have negative feedback on your ideas. It has to be made sure that the content in the paper be fresh and something very useful and less recourse consuming with better outcome. Judgments should be taken in a positive way. Always stay motivated and try to implement or fabricate the idea in the paper. The paper written should be kept short and to the point with all the key information displayed in an eye catching manner. The paper has to be written in the format of standard IEEE paper. Making the paper colorful is a good gesture but too many vibrant colors can be a setback .with the help of power point presentation; the idea is to be delivered. The author must see to that he has a unique title to his paper. The paper will undergo a plagiarism check before being accepted into a summit or competition. Duplicating a paper may have consequences. The author must have information on how he can implement or fabricate the idea he/she mentioned in the paper. Eligibility to present a paper depends on the quality of paper. If the content is appealing then the paper may get selected.


To know your strength in the world, you must know what’s happening around you. Numerous innovations are made in technology every day. If you are not aware of it, how will you be prepared to take the next step? There are many sources that give us a glimpse into these innovations and here we are, busy with the academics, without understanding its importance.

Quiz is something that we all have been familiarized with. It is something which draws out much attention from students, who love to learn new things and understand what is happening around them. It not only tests the human brain’s capabilities, but also keeps a check on how updated you are. Each new thing we hear, may turn out to be a spark of a new idea. The right idea surely takes us to those heights where we have dreamt of reaching.

This very reason has led us to create a series of quizzes based on technologies, for the students. These quizzes will be organized online and the scores of the contests will be kept track of by our team. Students who portray excellent results will be appreciated, with IEEE goodies and other prizes. So if you are one those students who have not really thought of taking a peek into what is new in the technical world, take this as the right chance to start a habit, one which will make you proud and will help you in any career you opt for.


We tend to learn from things happening around us, rather than from what is taught to us .Students have always shown interest in learning and understanding from videos, than normal lectures from classrooms. This is the exact reason for the increased demand of such tutorials to a great extent. They have been proven as a great source for helping the students related to their academics and lead them. There are professionals across the world, interested in helping out the students and guiding them. Through webinars, we intend to function as a connecting link between the students and these experts. We present to you a series of webinars from professionals all over the world, who will share their experience in the industry along with the details you need to know related to it. We believe that this would inspire all the students stuck with their academics and find hard to understand realities.

Every student may not get an opportunity to meet such specialists in person. Every student may not get a chance to clear doubts with such experts. We provide you with these webinars, so that your small problems are no more an obstacle to your success and determination. If you are interested in listening to them, you definitely will get a chance to.

Paper Presentation Competition

It is a new world today, one which is advancing every day. Technology is no longer a word which people know nothing about. Even the students from primary classes have started to bring forward ideas that amuse people. Our imagination tends to get limited as we grow up. Those who keep their dreams are the ones who have matched their ideas with practical techniques.

You all would have gone through various paper contests in IEEE. It has always been one of the most important competitions that has been carried over traditionally. But haven’t you all, as a beginner had difficulties in these competitions? All students engaged in such competitions, surely would have had the dilemma of getting a good start. We would like to make our contest a little simple and a little interesting.

Our first series of paper presentation competitions will be exclusively for those students who have developed their papers from the very scratch; students who have tuned their own ideas into reality. Most often in paper contest, we see ideas that have been modified from existing IEEE papers. The idea may not be a revolutionizing one; it just needs to be yours and well presented! Students who take such an efforts surely deserves recognition. So for those of you, who like to explore, here’s your chance.

Second series of competitions will be exclusively for the first and second year students, from the field of engineering. These are students with ideas that astound public. Hence we have the paper presentation contest exclusively them, so that they get the feel of these contests along with a learning experience. They will also be competing with students of their age or category, which makes it even more interesting and comfortable for them.

Helping with IEEE career

A student life is very precious. When guided well they can become the future for something really great. To be great and stand out, students needs to be different and do something different that would earn them the recognition in today’s world. In today’s world no matter how extra ordinary you are, without the right guidance and contacts it means nothing. To put in simple words, if you’re an arrow then the bow is made of the people who can guide you. They are the contacts that help you get recognized .IEEE exposes you to these wonderful people filled with talent. IEEE gives a platform to launch you. The perseverance of a student in achieving their goal is tested in IEEE when he opts to do a particular research. IEEE has various fields in it. Students can chose a career in one of the fields IEEE provides. Numerous infamous lecturers, student achievers and young professionals tie up with IEEE because they know that the students have that potential when triggered. IEEE is not all about research and studious hours; it hosts cultural programs also to keep the club lively. Show casing your talent becomes easy when you know who is looking because you will know what to do to get their attention let it be in research or paper presentations. The papers presented under the tag name of IEEE are a huge mark on your career because it will be referred by people from all over the world. So friends don’t be confined to the syllabus, thrive for greatness. IEEE is a knowledge pool, it will help you reach your goals in one way or the other. Become an IEEE member and give it a try. You will not regret your decision.

Help Students with their Projects

We believe, projects hold enormous credit to a student’s account and is a giant pillar to the career of a student. As IEEE Education Society SAC, we offer assistance to the projects of the IEEE members, regardless of the field of the project.

IEEE Education Society SAC caters to the needs of the students in their academic projects. For the members, we also provide a lending hand and support during the project duration. We provide an ample number of resources – online and offline through our database. Moreover, we conduct webinars which are quite useful to the Student Members in their technical prospects and towards career development.

Technical Assistance

As IEEE Education Society SAC, we do provide technical assistance. In most of the cases today, there are more students who cannot catch up with their professor’s class and end up with quite a number of doubts at the end of the semester just ahead of their exams. There are also who follow and restrict themselves to being mere listeners of the class and don’t open up with their doubts publicly. Some fall neither of those both categories.

We provide all of our members who fall under these categories technical assistance with the resources present in our store. We are open and happy to transfer technical data from one mind to another.

Assistance To Studies

Every student requires assistance during their study as well as after the study as to which path he has to take. We, being student-centric, provide assistance to their studies by sharing things out of our experience and also providing them information regarding career prospects, according to their fields of interest. We also give insights of higher education to the members which makes them more aware of the situation.