Current News: 15 Feb 2020


IEEE Region 5

Denver IEEE Computer, Information Theory, and Robotics Society



2020 Hot Topic(s)


1. We need help running our Denver IEEE Computer, Information Theory, and Robotics Society (CIR) Society

That is, we are looking for motivated volunteer officers and students:

All Officers must be local members to the IEEE R5 Denver Section.

We know that this is your volunteer effort. When people have time to do a little extra for the community they can make a big impact, on the community and for themselves. We respect that at times people get motivated and have time to help and at other times, people do not have much time to volunteer, and that is OK.

We simply ask that our volunteers please keep the other officers informed of your intent, goals, and work.


o   Robotics Society Vice Chair (Core Officer)(1 needed ASAP)

This volunteer must be able to communicate, motivate, serve, and lead members.

The title is to primarily represent the Robotics Society but you will have full impact on the entire member body.

Approximately 2 hours of work per month

Meeting attendance is appreciated.

You will be the leader of the Robotics Society


o     Society Manager (Secretary) (Core Officers) (2 needed ASAP)

This position a critical, you will manage our society.

Approximately 2 hours of work per month

Meeting attendance is appreciated.

This volunteer must be able to communicate with members


 Treasurer (Core Officer) (needed ASAP)

Maybe self explanatory, bi this position monitors, and governs yearly funds.

In addition, files end of year paper work (one report)

Without your help, we will lose all of our funding for the year.

Approximately 1 hour of work per month (and 2 hours in January)

Meeting attendance is appreciated.


 Webmaster /Web editor (Core Officer) (2 needed ASAP)

Web site is already set up and running.

We need people that want to learn or use a little WordPress – and maintain little updates, (mostly to the schedule and upcoming events) but still a very important part of the society (advertising and outreach).

Approximately 1 hour of work per month

Meeting attendance is appreciated.


 Media Coordinator (Officers) (several needed ASAP)

We need several volunteers to set up, maintain, and manage our global face.

I want to develop an IEEE CIR, Facebook, linked-In, twitter, meet up, and other… society mangers. You do not have to be an expert at all of the media examples. I would like to make a team of media experts that develop each individual outlet. Most of our data is developed by scheduling and posting out events, you could use developed data and help to make us famous.

These positions are wide open; you have full creativity, management, and autonomy. Just so long as we work in the positive interests of the IEEE and each of our societies.

Work is what you want to put in to it – make us look good!

Meeting attendance is appreciated.


 Educational Adviser(s) (Officers) (Needed)

We need several volunteers to help communicate between our local IEEE and our local schools. (Help get the word out, and be an advocate for education for your school and within the IEEE).

Students and professionals of all ages need mentoring –and we need you!

Meeting attendance is appreciated.


Core Officers must be IEEE members and members of one of the core IEEE Societies (the Computer Society, the Information Theory Society, and/or the Robotics Society).

Graduate Students – (may hold core officer society positions)

 Media and Educational Officers may be any IEEE member, affiliate, or IEEE undergraduate student members.


2. We need member engagement.

We have 650+ local Denver members and we want your input.

What do you, our members, want?

Do you have any ideas? Yes, please send your ideas on how we can do better.


3. Technical meetings and events.

We usually meet at 6 PM on event days. Then we say hi, network, talk and greet each other (for about 30 minutes), while having a some pizza or other provided snacks, then we introduce our section and pass any news for a about a minute or two. Then we introduce our guest speaker. The speaker presents for about 30 to 45 minutes then answers questions and/or talks casually to the audience for about 5 to 15 minutes. We lastly adjourn around 8 PM although we usually reserve the room until 9 PM. An average meeting lasts for about 2 hours or less (6 PM to 8:00 PM).




If you are interested in helping our society’s direction, leadership, and/or activities please contact the following:


Thank you,


James Gowans, Chair (CIR) –