Current News: 20 October 2019


IEEE Region 5 Denver 

IEEE Computer, Information Theory, and Robotics (CIR) Society


2019 Hot Topic(s)


  • The Denver Computer, Information Theory, and Robotics Society Officer Meeting.

The CIR will meet every first Sunday of each month at 11 am within the Denver Ritchie Engineering building starting in room 257 (target meeting duration 1 hour). Topics will include; leadership goals responsibilities, short and long-term planning, upcoming events, and officer development.

If you desire to improve engineering education, professionalism, and skill please join us. The IEEE has many societies and sub chapters that focus on many engineering and technology topics ranging from the computer administration to robotics engineering – and even into the research and development of artificial intelligence, quantum computation, and beyond.

If you would like to join those who study, teach, and lead toward our future – you are welcome to our CIR Oficer’s meetings.


1.  The Denver IEEE CIR Society is looking for motivated members, volunteer officers, and students:

All prospect officers must be local members to the IEEE R5 Denver Section – and members of the Denver Computer Society, Information Theory Society, or Robotics and Automation Society.

        • Treasurer – (needed urgently)
        • Secretary – (needed urgently)
        • Educational Officers and Advisors (needed)
        • Student volunteers are welcome
        • Graduate Students – (may hold officer chapter /society positions)

NOTE: all Officers must be an IEEE member and a member of one of our pillar CIR societies (i.e. The IEEE Computer Society, The Information Theory Society, or The Robotics and Automation Society – prospect officers and volunteers are not required to be a member of all the societies)


2.  Presentation /Timelines

Our section and chapter believes that every member is the foundation of the IEEE. We help fellow members make outstanding business, professional, job, and future employee contacts and friends.

We usually meet at 6 PM on each second Thursday of each month. Our event schedule time-line is as follows:

  • 6:00 PM greetings and personal networking, many times we have pizza or other provided snacks.
  • 6:30 PM we introduce our society and pass any news.
  • 6:35 PM we then introduce our guest speaker.
  • 6:35 PM our guest speaker presents for about 30 to 60 minutes then follows up with questions and answers and/or talks casually to the audience for about 5 to 15 minutes. An average technical meeting lasts for about 1-2 hours (6 PM to 8:00 PM Max).



3.  Presentations / Presenters

If you would like to present your research, leadership, engineering solutions, ideas, or just improve your engineering presentation abilities a little, we will support you. We are not Nobel Prize winners; we are simply local engineers attempting to improve our skills. We will help you, if needed, and ensure you have a and supportive venue to show your topic.

Criteria for presenters, is a topic that falls under almost any computer, information theory, and robotics technology, engineering, physics, management, instruction, and practical solution subjects. We ask that the presentation be at least college level, and based on science and the scientific method, and be from 30 to 45 minutes and questions. However, speculative and research topics based on engineering, science, and technology may be allowed.

If you have an idea that you, a colleague, teacher, engineer, manager, student, or another great speaker would like to present on please contact us. Speaking dates are filling up fast. If you or a student needs a presenting date for a thesis, dissertation, or other professional development criteria – we will make effort to create nonstandard (extra) presentation opportunities to help you complete your schools speaking criteria.

This is a career advancing bullet on a resume and CV and we will help you to succeed – and even teach how to do presentations. All presentations are set-ups for success, we want you to succeed and excel. We want to build winners. We respect and support all of our great presenters.

We are leaders and students of the sciences. We are local engineers that are attempting to help our peers and ourselves a little better!


If you are interested in helping our society’s direction, leadership, and/or activities please contact the following:

James Gowans, Chair (CIR) –

Amit Gupta, Vice Chair (CIR) –