CIR Officers

IEEE Denver

Computer, Information Theory, and Robotics Society Officers


Position Name Contact
Chair (Computer, Information, & Robotics) James Gowans
Vice Chair – (Computer, Information, & Robotics) Amit Gupta
Vice Chair – (Computer Society) Noah Brodbeck
Vice Chair – (Information Theory Society) Simeon Blatchley
Vice Chair – (Robotics & Automation Society) Needed Please contact us
Manager Douglas Hart
Treasurer Richard George
Vice Treasurer Amit Gupta


Outreach and Engagement

Position Name Contact
Educational Advisor(Univ of Colorado, Boulder) Alessandro Roncone
Educational Advisor (Univ of Denver) Sherry Jones
Journalist Steven Peliotis


Social Media and Website

Position Name Contact
Administrator James Gowans
Administrator Sherry Jones
Editor Steven Peliotis
Editor Needed Please contact us
Social Media Manager
Mahmoud Abdelgawad