IEEE Dallas Consultants Network


No March Meeting, but April 12 and May 10 Sound Fabulous!

We won’t be meeting next Monday, March 8. Yes, too much cold that interfered with planning.

HOWEVER…. April and May are going to be fascinating meetings.

Have you ever thought of starting a business, but needed some research before you could move forward? What if you weren’t an academic? You found that accessing research was expensive. Accessing research is very fragmented. You can’t get access unless you’re an academic!

What do you do?

You come to the April 12 IEEE Consultants Network Meeting and listen to Dr. Mehmet Günal and AccessMyResearch: Bringing Global Research to Local Businesses. He will show you how his company AccessMyResearch can help you overcome the barriers and get you the research you need.

Then, on May 10, you might be wondering how you can Create A Drip Irrigation System. Steve Ruzic, an IEEE Consultants Network member, will share his expertise and show you how to create your own drip irrigation system.

So recover from the cold, and come back to a great April and May meeting with IEEE Consultants Network.

Maura Schreier-Fleming