Plans for 2021 Meetings

Thanks to all who attended the November 2020 planning meeting. Here are the topics we are researching for 2021 IEEE CN Meetings:

  • Use of AI in marketing and population manipulation
  • Climate change beyond debates (Ted Houston)
  • What does 5G Get Us: Fixed Wireless (IEEE Communications) (Maura Schreier-Fleming)
  • Farm Automation (David Stephens)
  • Battery Technology for Solar(Tesla Solar Roof)( Dallas North Park  Both wall and Roof (Maura Schreier-Fleming)
  • Health Ideas to reintegrate back to NORMAL (Maura Schreier-Fleming)
  • Entrepreneurs starting their business from UTD Venture Development Center (Maura Schreier-Fleming)
  • Perot Science Museum:  (Joe Miller)
  • UTD Brain Center:  TOPIC (Brain Health in Pandemic) (Maura Schreier-Fleming)
  • Drip Irrigation: DIY By Our Local Expert (Steve Ruzic)
  • Home Automation (Chips more standardization) Amazon for speakers or Google 
  • Toyota Connected Car (IEEE Auto) (Maura Schreier-Fleming)

Stay tuned for our calendar for 2021!

Maura Schreier-Fleming
IEEE Dallas Consultants Network Chairman