IEEE Dallas Consultants Network


3D Printing: Come Join the Fun!

Plan on attending our June 8 IEEE CN meeting. It should be a fascinating look at DIY and 3D printing. Thanks to our wonderful member Steve Ruzic for arranging the program. Here are the particulars:

Speaker:   Bob Pospick, Avazzia, Operations manager for product manufacturing

Topic: Lessons learned from the 3D printing newbie

Program Description:   Bob Pospick will show us his new Prusa 3D printer that he build from a kit. Kit printers are very affordable and can be satisfying for the do-it-yourself types. Bob will discuss why he chose the model, what it took to assemble and get the printer going, the software he uses, and show some of the parts that he has printed.

BIO:  Bob Pospick is an avid hobbyist that enjoys woodworking, programming micro-controllers, robotics, and now 3D printing. He was formally a mechanical engineering manager and product manager at Texas instruments for the consumer products group where he designed education products, organizers, and calculators. Now with Avazzia, he is the operations manager for product manufacturing where he oversees contract manufacturing and quality control for FDA cleared electronic pain relief products.

“See” you in June!

Maura Schreier-Fleming

IEEE Consultants Network Chairman