Blockchain Overview

Blockchain is an open-source distributed database using state-of-the-art cryptography through a distributed ledger that enables trust among disparate individuals or third parties. Blockchain transforms the way transactions happen in the Internet age. A blockchain block is immutable, the information and details of the data contained on the blockchain are virtually impossible to change. The impact on every segment of industry and services verticals is hard to calculate.


IEEE Blockchain Initiative

The IEEE Future Directions Committee, represented by the societies of the IEEE, has approved the formation of the IEEE Blockchain initiative (BCI) effective January 1, 2018. The BCI will be the hub for all IEEE blockchain projects and activities. The BCI encompasses a comprehensive set of projects and activities supported by the following core subcommittees: Pre/Standards, Education, Conferences and Events, Community Development and Outreach, Publications, and Special Projects.


Value Statement

Blockchain is a new and emerging technology family positioned on the leading edge of the technology hype curve. It is not bleeding or cutting-edge technology; nor is it fully formed, standardized, or supported by best practices. The Blockchain Technical Community is highly fragmented and badly needs what the IEEE can deliver; a stabilizing think space of seasoned professionals specifically trained and positioned to make a difference. Blockchain is by far the most forward thinking, impactful, and disruptive emerging technology family that the Future Directions Committee and the IEEE have sought to embrace.


About IEEE Blockchain Dallas

The Dallas Blockchain Community has been around since 2011, it started out as a Dallas Bitcoin Meetup. The Original creator of the meetup moved and Will Fayen took over the meetup in 2013. Since then multiple hosts have created a multitude of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency meetup groups all over the DFW multiplex. The groups diversified from casual discussion meetups to more presentation based with a focus on teaching about blockchain technology to the curious minds. Farhin Ali, head of the IEEE Blockchain initiative, created BCEN(Blockchain & Crypto Education Network) which helped people learn about topics such as coin talks, mining, legal aspect of the new asset class.