5G Student Summit

IEEE ComSoc North America Region is pleased to support the upcoming 5G Student Summit 2021.

IEEE United SIG student group will provide a unique forum to students, professionals, and user communities to be informed about emerging technologies and use cases in 5G and beyond.


Start Date & Time:     24 July 2021 8:00 am

End Date & Time:       25 July 2021  2:00 pm

RSVP:                                   https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/275938


Saturday July 24:

Opening Remarks:

Upkar J.S. Dhaliwal, 5G World Forum; Poornima Lalwaney,Intel


Keynote 1:

Siavash Alamouti, EVP, Head of R&D, Wells Fargo, San Francisco, CA

“My professional life Journey: From Invention of Alamouti Code to Wells Fargo”


Keynote 2:

Dr. Tom Rondeau, DARPA STO;
Dr. John JMS Smith, DARPA I2O

“Visionary Chat of Open Source ecosystems in Telecom”


Abdullah Zaidi, Lyft

Sidharth Balasubramanian, Wireless Director, commscope

Plenary: Poornima Lalwaney, Intel


Josh Sullvan, Xilinx


Sunday July 25:

5G Tutorial1: Byung Yi & Liangping Ma, IEEE Distinguished Speakers

5G Tutorial 2: Mathworks – MatLab 5G Toolbox

Closing Remarks: Upkar J.S. Dhaliwal, 5G World Forum


Host and Co-host Chapters:

R60537 – San Diego Section 
R605 – Southern California Council 
R6 – Western USA – Region 6 
R60527 – Orange County Section 
R60049 – Seattle Section 
R60039 – San Fernando Valley Section 
CH05005 – Central Texas Sect Jt. Chap,COM19/SP01/CT08 Austin




IEEE ComSoc North America Region