The Future of Smart Ecosystem Empowered by IoT Collaborative Technologies


Speaker:  Fawzi Behmann

President, TelNet Management Consulting Inc.

IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer and NA Regional Director & BoG member

Date: December 14, 2020

Time: 8:20am CST

Venue: 2020 IEEE 17th International Conference on Smart Communities: Improving Quality of Life Using ICT, IoT and AI (HONET)


IoT and several collaborative technologies of sensors, wearables, communications protocols and analytics are gradually becoming an integral part of smart ecosystem solutions. Such a solution can offer new classes of applications and services which were not feasible before.

This talk will introduce the concept and vision of IoT and architectural evolution including collaborative technologies including 5G, Analytics impacting many markets. 5G/6G & AI/ML empowered IoT will have greater impact in building smart cities and communities.

The talk include the following:

  1. a) Introduction of IoT and collaborative IoT and disruptive technologies
  2. b) Smart connectivity and ecosystem solutions in key markets
  3. c) Future Trends and Key Challenges

Speaker Biography:

Fawzi is visionary, innovative, thought leader, author, results driven with unique blend of business acumen, marketing and technology skills. Core technical skills is communications and networking specializes in disruptive technology positioning such as IoT, AI, 5G in developing smart ecosystem solutions in key markets such as health & and wellness, public safety, smart homes/building, smart energy and mobility.

Fawzi held variety of leadership positions with Tier 1 companies such as Teleglobe International carrier, Nortel Network systems, Motorola/Freescale semiconductor. He founded TelNet Management Consulting Inc. 2009 and Co-authored book on “Collaborative IoT” by Wiley.

Fawzi volunteered at IEEE and currently he is a member of IEEE Future Direction on security, applications and services. He is IEEE WCNC 2022 chair, ComSoc North America Regional Director (serving over 10,000 members) and BoG member. He chairs multiple joint chapters on Communications, signal processing, Computer, EMBS and Consumer technology. Prior, Fawzi was Region 5 conference committee chair and Central Texas chair.

As a distinguished member of the organization, Fawzi, has toured and lectured in many parts of the world including Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Togo, Singapore, Malaysia, Morocco, Tunisia, Abu Dhabi, India, Mexico, Croatia, Dublin, and many cities in US and Canada in the last few years. Fawzi is a member of several boards and is the Co-Chair of the Intelligent Health Association’s “I oT in healthcare Consortium”. He is a keynote speaker at several international conferences.

Fawzi received multiple awards including IEEE MGA Section Leadership (2017-2018), IEEE USA professional leadership award for 2017, ComSoc Chapter of the year awards for 2017, 2015 and Regional outstanding Member for 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Fawzi has MBA, Masters in Computer Science, Bachelor in Science with honors in Mathematics with distinction.