5G is here – What do we expect differently?

Austin – Capital Macintosh Users Group

Virtual Talk

September 8, 7pm Central



Fawzi Behmann, DL, MBA, M. Comp Sc

President, TelNet Management Consulting Inc.

IEEE ComSoc NA Director and BoG member


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The Fifth Wireless Communications technology 5G was ushered in early 2020. Similarly to the introduction of iPhone, 5G will be disruptive with rich set of technical capabilities that will impact network response, empowering vertical markets and enriching mobility.

 In this talk will provide a high level overview about 5G technology with attempt to address and answer the following points:

  • ·      What is 5G and what is different compared to what we have today?
  • ·      Who is driving 5G worldwide, and here in US  and where are we in terms of market rollout?
  • ·      What would be the early application/services (use cases) that we can see this and next year?
  • ·      What are potential set of applications & services in the next 5-7 years?
  • ·      How long will 5G last? Do expect other future generation cellular rollout?
  • ·      What is the impact from COVID-19?
  • ·      Is 5G is a health hazard?