IEEE Day Celebration: Intro to Graph Convolutional Networks
September 10, 2018

  October 2, 2018 – IEEE DAY CELEBRATION, 6-8pm, AT&T Labs


Topic: “Intro to Graph Convolutional Networks”



Graham Ganssle, Ph.D., P.G.

Head of Data Science, Expero



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Is this group of delis a money laundering ring, or are they simply exchanging provolone? Why does Devin have so many Facebook friends, and I only have a handful? The answer to one of these questions is obvious (because I’m a nerd giving an ML presentation), but both can be solved with graph convolutional networks. GCNs use a novel neural network kernelization which generalizes the accuracy and speed of CNNs to non-Euclidean information spaces. Join me for a chat about the applications of GCNs, the elegance of convolutional mathematics, and what the hell non-Euclidean means. I’ll even send you home with the party favor of GCN open source software.



Graham is a recovering physicist, deep learning his way through a world of digital signals. He is the head of data science at Expero Inc, where, with the synergy of his expert team, he uses data to explore the domains of finance, supply chain optimization, energy, and health care.


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