“Big Data, Cyber-Biological Systems, and Pattern Recognition” Sep 25

IEEE Austin COMSOC/SP Meeting

Big Data, Cyber-Biological Systems, and Pattern Recognition

Speaker: Choudur K. Lakshminarayan, Principal Scientist, HP Software Research

Sep 25, 2014, 6–8 pm

The Internet of Things deals with connectivity among physical devices known as cyber-physical systems. The trend in healthcare is cyber-biological systems where devices outside and implanted in the human body wirelessly communicate with physical systems. In this set-up, issues such as wireless communication, low power, redundancy, reliability, security, and robust pattern detection are all paramount. The cyber-biological systems generate gigantic amounts of data. This opens opportunities for developing sophisticated techniques for signal de-noising, feature extraction, and statistical pattern recognition within energy constraints. In this talk we will discuss opportunities and challenges in cyber-biological systems and share some results related to feature extraction and classification using ECG signals.

Dr. Choudur K. Lakshminarayan is a Principal Research Scientist at HP Research, USA and concurrently visiting professor, Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Hyderabad. He specializes in the areas of Mathematical Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Machine Learning and Data Mining with applications in sensors and sensing in healthcare, energy, and large-scale data centers. He is widely published in peer-reviewed international conferences and journals, and his name appears as an inventor in over 40 patents; granted, published, or pending. He regularly speaks at international conferences, symposia, and universities. He served as a consultant to government, and private industry in the US and India. He holds a PhD in mathematical sciences, and lives in Austin, Texas.

AT&T Labs
9505 Arboretum, Austin
Austin,  Texas
United States 78729
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