“Aging, Brain Science, and the Future of Health Care” April 17

IEEE Austin COMSOC/SP Meeting

Aging, Brain Science, and the Future of Health Care

April 17, 2014, 6-8 p.m.

While it’s important to live longer, it’s even more important to live well. This talk looks at the future of health care from several perspectives. First is the demographic of aging baby boomers who are living longer but aren’t necessarily healthy and the effect that will  have on our healthcare system. Next is the effect that Moore’s Law and shrinking circuits will have on improving care and reducing costs. And the final segment explores the convergence of engineering, computer science, physics, chemistry and mathematics with cellular, molecular, cognitive and behavioral neurosciences, based on my interview with Dr. Metin Akay, who spoke to this group several months ago. Dr. Akay is Founding Chairman of the new Biomedical Engineering Department and the John S. Dunn professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Houston.

Wayne is the Founder and Senior Editor of Modern Health Talk, where he writes about tech solutions for keeping seniors safe at home and avoiding costly institutional care. As a retired technologist, futurist and marketer with IBM, Dell, Siemens and his own consulting firm, Wayne knows the positive effect digital technologies can have on society and the challenges of adopting them. He introduced IBM to the Digital Home market and only left after the company got out of consumer markets. After IBM, Wayne established CAZITech Consulting, held leadership roles in Wireless & Home Gateway standards organizations, volunteered with the FCC Consumer Advisory Committee, successfully lobbied the Texas legislature to protect the rights of municipalities to install public Wi-Fi networks, co-founded a nonprofit consumer advocacy to enact new consumer protection laws and abolish an abusive state agency, and founded Modern Health Talk. These days, Wayne is also helping a colleague launch a new sleep wellness business.

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