Call for Papers



5G and Beyond Mobile Wireless Communications Enabling Intelligent Mobility IEEE Access 31 May 2019
Modeling and managing mixed traffic with human-driven and automated vehicles Transportation Research Part C 31 May 2019
Internet of Things for Connected Automated Driving IEEE Internet of Things Journal 15 July 2019 
Blockchains in Emerging Vehicular Social Networks IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 1 September 2019 
Connected and Autonomous Vehicles: Technologies, Methodologies, and Applications IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology Extended to 1 September 2019
New Approaches for Services and Information Delivery over Novel Vehicular Networks Sensors 30 September 2019
Vehicular Network Communications Sensors 30 September 2019
Sensors for Cooperative Vehicular Communications and Applications Sensors 10 October 2019
Communication and Fog/Edge Computing Towards Intelligent Connected Vehicles (ICVs) IEEE Access 30 November 2019
Vehicular Sensor Networks: Applications, Advances and Challenges Sensors 15 December 2019

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