The IEEE Connected Vehicles Initiative is working to create and disseminate educational materials on all aspects of Connected Vehicles (technologies, systems, applications) in order to enhance the training opportunities in a multidisciplinary field with strong industrial impact in the years to come. In particular, the IEEE Connected Vehicles Initiative is preparing a series of high quality eLearning modules (1 hour Voice-over-PowerPoint presentations) prepared by renown experts in their fields and that will be published on this website. Each eLearning module will shed lights on a specific aspect of connected vehicles, as well as its implications in related domains.

To expand our initial series of eLearning modules that are currently under preparation, we are inviting experts interested in preparing an eLearning module on connected vehicles topics (technologies, systems and applications) that include but are not limited to:

  • Connected vehicles standards
  • Vehicular communications and networks
  • Connected automated vehicles technologies
  • In-vehicle communications and networks (CAN, Flex-Ray, Bluetooth..)
  • On-board sensors and data
  • Security and privacy
  • Big Data and telematics technologies, systems and applications
  • Simulation and testing engineering
  • Vehicular wireless channel and Antenna
  • Vehicular cloud and fog
  • Traffic engineering, planning & control for Connected Vehicles
  • Vehicular mobility modeling
  • Operating systems for Connected Vehicles
  • Positioning
  • Connected vehicle applications, including (but not limited to): Autonomous Driving and Platooning, Safety of Vulnerable Road Users, Traffic Monitoring and Transport Planning,  Mobile (Vehicular) Applications

The eLearning modules should last between 45′ and 90′. Instructions on the format, publication and honorarium would be provided to interested experts that should get in touch for further information. Also, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested to organize other type of educational activities on connected vehicles and would like the support from the IEEE Connected Vehicles Initiative.