The IEEE Vehicular Technology Society and TU-Automotive have signed a media co-operation agreement for 2015. TU- Automotive (formerly Telematics Update) is a reference communications hub for the evolving automotive technology segment as it converges with consumer electronics, mobile and IoT to re-define connectivity, mobility and autonomous use-cases.

As part of the agreement, members of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society will have a $100 discount (discount code: IEEE) on current online prices to attend the following reference 2016 events:

  • TU- Automotive Detroit, June 8-9 2016
  • TU- Automotive Japan, October 18-19 2016
  • TU- Automotive Europe, November 2-3 2016

Find out more about the events at www.tu-auto.com

TU-Automotive - IEEE Connected Vehicles.