Sponsorship for your CV Event

The IEEE Connected Vehicle Initiative wants to promote and sponsor connected vehicle events (workshops, summer and winter schools, etc.) following the guidelines here presented. These guidelines can be adapted to the particular features or characteristics of the event. If you are interested in the IEEE Connected Vehicle Initiative (CVI) and VTS to sponsor and promote your connected vehicle event, please get in touch.

What the CVI and VTS offer:

  • CVI and VTS would cover the expenses for VTS Distinguished Lecturers (DL) to provide a talk in the event. VTS could cover the expenses for a maximum of 2 DLs for 1 day events. For longer events, VTS could cover the expenses for a maximum of 3 DLs. The exact number of DLs covered by VTS will be defined once more information on the event is provided. The current list of VTS DLs can be found at the VTS website.
  • The event will be publicized in the IEEE Connected Vehicle Initiative website.
  • Organizers will be offered the chance to publish a 1 or 2 pages report on the event in the IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine.
  • Possibility to publish on the IEEE Connected Vehicle Initiative website videos recorded at the event (the recording and processing must be done by the organizers).

What the event offers:

  • Include the VTS and Connected Vehicle Initiative logos along the sponsors or organizers logos, and a section on the events website about VTS membership (VTS will provide the content).
  • Offer a discount registration fee (if any is applicable) to VTS members.
  • Include a VTS membership brochure (VTS will provide the brochure, print it and ship to the destination) with the event’s bag or materials provided to attendees.
  • Provide a slot to introduce VTS and the Connected Vehicle Initiative. This introduction could be provided by one of the DLs covered by VTS/CVI or by a member of the Connected Vehicle Initiative that could attend the event.