New Cities Foundation launches “Connected Mobility Initiative” to explore future of urban transport with support from the Toyota Mobility Foundation

The New Cities Foundation launched the “Connected Mobility Initiative”, with support from the Toyota Mobility Foundation, to address the critical need for metropolises worldwide to enable the efficient and viable movement of people.


Urban mobility is evolving rapidly in a world where one million people move to cities every week. Change is also being driven by other factors such as technological innovations, increased constraints on energy use, deep changes in the structure of urban economies, shifting lifestyles, and new ideas about urban design.

Aging and inadequate urban transport systems have negative social and economic repercussions. For example, the local economies of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo lose close to US$ 50 billion each year from traffic congestion each. In the United States, 42 per cent of major urban highway systems remain congested, costing the nation’s economy an estimated US$ 101 billion in wasted time and fuel annually. In addition, the use of public transport varies dramatically across different regions. Only 1.5 per cent of residents in Dallas use public transportation to commute to work, compared with 30 per cent of New Yorkers and 62 per cent of Singaporeans.

The Connected Mobility Initiative will produce an in-depth report outlining key insights and recommendations on the future of mobility for private and public sector stakeholders in different cities worldwide. A strong focus will be placed upon public sector-led innovation around connected transportation, with the aim of distilling lessons for public sector officials, technology vendors, and citizens alike. The report will also examine trends in personal mobility, with a focus on the elderly and people with disabilities.

Source and photos: New Cities Foundation launches ambitious “Connected Mobility Initiative” to explore future of urban transport, with support from the Toyota Mobility Foundation, New Cities Foundation, 3 June 2015.