The Committee’s annual workshop takes place during the Spring and typically consists of five single-track sessions over a three-day period. The number of attendees is usually around 100. The majority of the talks are invited. The Workshop typically alternates between the East and the West Coasts of the USA, with several Workshops having taken place outside the USA since 1991.

Next Communication Theory Workshop
The 2019 Communication Theory Workshop will take place in Selfoss, Iceland, May 27-29, 2019.

General Chair: Petar Popovski (Aalborg University, Denmark)

TPC Chairs: Urbashi Mitra (University of Southern California, USA) and Erik Larsson (Linkoping University, Sweden)

Local organizing chair: Magnus M. Halldorsson (Reykjavik University, Iceland)

Poster Chairs: Nuria Gonzalez Prelcic (University of Vigo, Spain) and Luca Sanguinetti (University of Pisa, Italy)

Fundraising chair: Marios Kontouris (Huawei, France)

Finance chair: Anders Tendal Christiansen (Aalborg University, Denmark)

Conference secretary: Charlotte Kattrup Madsen (Aalborg University, Denmark)

Web Master: Anders Ellersgaard Kalør (Aalborg University, Denmark)

Past Communication Theory Workshop Technical Programs

Proposals for the Communication Theory Workshop

Proposals to organize a Workshop are processed as follows:
• Submission of the Workshop proposal to the CTW Steering Committee.
• Review of the proposal by the CTW Steering Committee.
• Presentation of the proposal at the CTTC meeting at ICC or Globecom to solicit feedback and to publicize.
• Recommendation by the CTW Steering Committee to the CTTC leadership.
• Final decision by the CTTC leadership.

The charter for the CTW Steering Committee was adopted by the CTTC at its 2018 ICC meeting and can be found here. This document describes the proposal evaluation process in greater detail. Those who are interested in submitting a proposal should contact the committee chair. 

The current members of the CTW Steering Committee are:

• Jeffrey Andrews, University of Texas at Austin, 2015-2018, Past Chair
• David Gesbert, EURECOM, 2016-2019
• Michael Honig, Northwestern University, 2017-2020, Chair
• Stephen Hanly, Macquarie University, 2018-2021

Communication Theory Workshop Representatives

Communication Theory Workshop 2016
Nafplio, Greece) May 2016
Marios Kountouris
Huawei Technologies

Communication Theory Workshop 2015
(Dana Point, California)
May 2015
Hamid Jafarkhani
University California

Communication Theory Workshop 2014
Willemstad, Curaçao) May 2014
Leszek Szczecinski

Communication Theory Workshop 2013
(Phuket Thailand) June 2013
David Gesbert

Communication Theory Workshop 2012
(Ka’anapali, Maui, Hawaii, USA) May 2012
Randall Berry and Michael Honig
Dept. of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Northwestern University

Communication Theory Workshop 2011
(Sitges, Spain) June 2011
Markku Juntti

Dept. of Electrical & Information Engineering

University of Oulu


Communication Theory Workshop 2010
(Cancun, Mexico) May 2010
Jeff Andrews

Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering

The University of Texas at Austin


Communication Theory Workshop 2009
(Napa Valley, California) May 2009
Michael Rice

Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Brigham Young University

459 Clyde Building

Provo, UT 84602

Communication Theory Workshop 2008
(St. Croix, US Virgin Islands) May 2008
Robert W. Heath Jr.

Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering

The University of Texas at Austin

Engineering Science Building – 435

Austin, TX 78712-1084

Communication Theory Workshop 2007
(Sedona, AZ) May 2007
Junshan Zhang

Dept. Electrical Engineering

Arizona State  University

Tempe, AZ 85287

Communication Theory Workshop 2006 (Dorado, Puerto Rico) May 2006. Behnaam Aazhang

J.S. Abercrombie Professor
Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rice University
MS 366
6100 Main Street
Houston, TX 77005 USA
Tel: 1-713-348-4749
FAX: 1-713-348-5686

Communication Theory Workshop 2005
(Park City, Utah, June 2005)
Prof. Christian Schlegel
University of Alberta, Canada

Communication Theory Workshop 2004
(Capri Island, Italy, May 2004)
Prof. Sergio Benedetto
Dipartimento di Elettronica
Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Communication Theory Workshop 2003
(Superstition Springs, Arizona, April 2003)
Prof. William E. Ryan
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona
Tel: +1 (520) 621-8690
Fax: +1 (520) 626-3144
Prof. Bane Vasic
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona
Tel: +1 (520) 626-5550
Fax: +1 (520) 621-8076

Communication Theory Workshop 2002
(Sundial Resort, Florida, May 2002)
Prof. Gordon L. Stuber
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Tech
Atlanta, Georgia, USA 30332
Tel: +1 (404) 894-2923
Fax: +1 (404) 894-7883
Prof. Steven W. McLaughlin
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Tech
Atlanta, Georgia, 30332 USA
Tel: +1 (404) 894-6617
Fax: +1 (404) 894-7883