Please check the conference schedule and make sure to attend the session you are assigned to.

Oral Presentations

Each presentation will be 15 minutes long to leave 5 minutes for questions and discussion. Please plan your slides accordingly.
Please upload your slides to Easychair through the Program Author portal before July 7th.

Poster Presentations

Each poster presenter will be given a maximum 120 cm (width) x 120 cm (height) poster board for mounting and displaying the poster. Make sure your poster does not exceed the dimensions of the board. Also, put the paper number assigned to your poster, which can be found in the author notification email, on the upper left corner of your poster for easy identification.

All poster presenters are responsible for organizing their own hard-copy posters, posting the poster before the session, and taking them down at the end of the event. Posters left on the board will be recycled.