Call for Papers

Download COMPEL 2016 – Call for Papers.

Special emphasis of COMPEL 2016 will be on stability assessment of power electronics dominated systemsand impact of converter control strategies on system stability. Workshop themes include (not limited to):

  • Modeling and simulation: Modeling of devices and components in power converter systems, multi-domain and multi-level modeling (electro-thermal models, multi-physics models, integration of simulation models with different detailing levels etc.), efficient modeling and simulation of multi-level converters, numerical methods for simulation of complex systems, accurate
    converter models for large scale system studies
  • Control of Power Converters: Linear and nonlinear control algorithms for AC-DC, DC-DC and AC-AC converters, digital control and discrete time controller analysis, implementation techniques (DSP, FPGA, etc.), control of Inductive Power Transfer systems, control of ultra-high switching frequency converters
  • Hybrid systems and power management: Design and control of power converter in hybrid transportation system (electric vehicles, trains, ships and aircraft systems), power management techniques for power supply systems with energy storage (vehicles, telecommunication, computation systems, grid scale energy storage etc.), energy storage management and operation techniques, systems with power ICs
  • Design, Optimization and Simulation Tools: Design methodologies for power electronic converters, reliability-optimized design approaches, multi-domain and multi-objective optimization of power converter system design, optimization-oriented simulations, hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing and simulation, real-time simulation and rapid prototyping
  • Stability of power electronics systems: Stability analysis of power systems dominated by power converters, stability of integrated ac and dc power systems, controller interaction and stability problems in converter dominated systems, representation of power converter stability properties in power system stability studies, power system compensation and
    damping of power system resonances, constant power load instability effects in dc and ac systems, non-linear instability phenomena in power electronic converters (limit cycles, bifurcations, chaos)
  • Education & Innovation: Innovative teaching methodologies, Smart Grid Laboratory driven research and innovation, virtual and interactive laboratories in education, multimedia tools and interactive simulations

Preparation of Submissions

Prospective authors should submit a digest not exceeding five double-spaced pages, including key figures and references, in PDF format. No indication of authors’ names/affiliation should be included in the 5-page digest.