Call for Papers

The IEEE Power Electronics Society announces the Sixteenth IEEE Workshop on Control and Modeling for Power Electronics, COMPEL 2015. This workshop brings together researchers, engineers and students from academia, industry, and government for an interactive discussions on the latest advances in modeling, simulation, analysis, and control of power electronic devices, circuits and systems of small and large scales.

Special emphasis of COMPEL 2015 will be on modeling and control of power electronics and computerized tools in energy efficient solutions and applications for the evolving AC-DC systems.

Download Call for Papers (PDF) COMPEL-2015_CFP

 Selected papers will be recommended for a Special Issue of the IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics.

Workshop Topics

Smart AC-DC Systems and Future Grids: Analysis, modeling and control of power electronics, efficient energy systems with renewable sources and storage, advance transmission and distribution, energy harvesting and interfacing, smart electronic loads, DC lighting, telecom and backup power systems, data centers, etc.

Modeling, Simulation and Hardware-In-the-Loop Design Tools: Multi-domain and multi-level modeling; electro-thermal models; modeling of EMI, reliability and failures; optimization-oriented simulations; real-time simulation and co-simulation; virtual prototyping; modeling of devices/circuits/systems, FPGA, HIL.

Control of Power Electronics: Advances in smart power control and power management techniques; linear and nonlinear control algorithms, digital control, implementation techniques (DSP, microcontroller, etc.)

Power Electronic Devices and Systems in Transportation: Hybrid/electric vehicles, trains, ship, and aircraft systems.

Modeling and Design of Power ICs and Components: Application-driven features and benefits, low power, or low cost; analog, digital or mixed-signal realizations; system integration and applications; design and modeling of power electronic components.

Education: Laboratories, equipment, innovative teaching methodologies, multimedia tools, interactive simulation, symbolic analysis tools.

Preparation of Submissions:

Prospective authors should submit a cover page and a separate digest not exceeding five double-spaced pages, all in PDF. The cover page should include the paper title, topic of interest, authors’ names, affiliations, complete mailing addresses, telephone and e-mail addresses of the corresponding author, and a 100-word abstract. Digest and Full Paper submission will done through the following website:



The COMPEL 2015 will be held at The University of British Columbia, Vancouver campus, which is surrounded by beautiful parks and water and located on the West Coast of Canada. Accommodations and all venues are within pleasant walking on UBC campus.

General Chair & Contact Information

General Chair
Juri Jatskevich
T: (604) 827-5217

General Inquiries / Local Organizers

Conference Secretariat
Conferences and Accommodations at UBC
T: (604) 822-1050


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