About Santander


Strategically located between sea and mountains, Santander offers numerous possibilities for you to have a great time. In addition to our beaches, landscapes, parks and promenades, the city has a complete and ambitious proposal of activities including gastronomy, culture and leisure, as you can see on the following link: Info Santander

Other interesting activities:

City Sightseeing Santander

City Sightseeing Santander
This touristic bus provides access to most of the must-see points within the city of Santander (bus stops and must-see points are shown in this Map). The bus departs hourly and one ticket has a length of 24 hours. More info about the bus stops and the timetables can be found in City Sightseeing Santander.


The city can be visited by bicycle. The rental service TusBIC ( in spanish language only) offers bicycles at different city locations, these bicycles can be rented for free during the first hour and the daily ticket costs 1,87€. (The bike line is depicted in the map below).

Map (bicycles and ferry trips)

Los Reginas

Los Reginas
The bay of Santander can be visited by ferry. There is a regular service crossing the bay and connecting Santander, Pedreña and Somo (please, check the map below). During the summertime, there are also 1-2 hours trips around the bay visiting beaches, islands and rivers. More info can be found in the website of Los Reginas.

Map (bicycles and ferry trips)


Festival Palace of Cantabria
From 1991 our region accounts on the Festival Palace of Cantabria, one of the best scenic spaces in the country.
Projected by the Navarrese architect Francisco Javier Sánchez de Oiza, it offers at the outside a synthesis of styles, showing the singularity of the environment which surrounds it. Situated in Avda. Reina Victoria, in front of the Bay, the building shows beauty in agreement with the landscape. Its situation in one of the most significant areas of the city and its façade, covered with noble materials, transform the Palace in an architectonic set which is completely integrated in the environment. Also the colours of the sea and the land are joined, once again, in this wonderful construction to reflect the importance that this synchronism supposes for all the Cantabrians.
The Festival Palace was created with a clear multidisciplinary vocation, so that any kind of events can take place there, both cultural and congressist. Foreseen of four rooms, the Palace offers ample functional installations with a capacity to leave room for all kind of events.


Situation map


Royal Palace of La Magdalena
The Magdalena Palace is the landmark of the city of Santander and one of the most prominent examples of civil architecture in northern Spain. It is, presiding over a majestic landscape, the highest in the peninsula of the same name. Its construction between 1908 and 1912 according to plans by Javier González and Gonzalo Bringas of Riancho, was the result of local initiative: the City Council wanted to give the Kings Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia a summer residence.
FOTO-28Today it houses the prestigious International University Menéndez Pelayo.

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