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Past Meetings

We had a very successful event with an opening speech given by Mr. Dan Recker (Managing Director of AEP) and an interesting and in-depth lecture given by Mr. Jon Woodworth. Jon presented the fundamentals of surge protection for utility electric grids and was engaged with several good discussions among the attendees.

Discussion Outline:

What is Surge Protection and Why Do We Need It. (30 Min)

  • What is a surge arrester.
  • Insulators and Surges, The Flashover, Dielectric Puncture
  • Calculating the Benefit of Surge Protection on Distribution Systems, in Substations and on Transmission Lines

Surge Protection Lingo (10 Min)

  • Transient Voltage, Transient Current (Impulse Current), Leakage Current, Power Frequency Current, Fault Current, MCOV, TOV, Margin of Protection

Surge Fundamentals (30 Min)

  • The Lightning Flash, The Lightning Surge, direct strikes, indirect strikes
  • Switching Surges, how do they happen, traveling wave effect,
  • Temporary Overvoltages

Arrester Fundamentals (30 min)

What is an arrester, how does it work, what types are there, mounting and wildlife protectors? By the end of the presentation  you will be an expert in surge protection.

Date and Time

  • Date: 27 Feb 2020
  • Time: 05:00 PM to 07:00 PM


  • 8100 Walton Parkway
  • New Albany, Ohio
  • United States 43054
  • Building: EASi

Speaker Biography:

Jonathan Woodworth (LM) received his EE in 1972 from The Ohio Inst. Tech and an MBA in 1995 from St. Bonaventure U.  Mr. Woodworth co-founded ArresterWorks in 2007, an engineering consultancy focused on surge protection of power systems. Also since 2007, he co-created and has maintained a technical resource website at ArresterWorks.com for professionals involved in surge protection of power systems. Previously he served as Arrester Engineering Manager at Cooper Power Systems, Olean, NY. He has been involved in arrester design, production and marketing for over 40 years. He is Chair of SPD working group responsible for arrester testing WG 3.3.11. He is a past chair of the IEEE Surge Protective Devices Committee. Vice Chair of  IEC TC37 Maintenance Group 4  responsible for  Metal-oxide arresters for AC systems. Past chair of NEMA High Voltage Arrester Section of  Power Equipment Division. Holder of numerous arrester patents worldwide. Contact at:  jonathan.woodworth@arresterworks.com


5:00 – 5:30 PM: Arrivals, food & networking

5:30 – 7:00 PM: Seminar given by Mr. Jon Woodworth, with time for Q&A