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Aug 26th, 2021: PES Webinar: Opportunities & Challenges of Energy Storage Applications in Electric Distribution Systems

IEEE PES Region 2 and Columbus Chapter are hosting a technical webinar provided by PES Region 2 Representative, Dr. Xuan Wu, who is currently a Principal Engineer at AEP, an IEEE Senior Member, and a Professional Engineer registered in Ohio.


By enabling the temporal displacement of energy production/consumption, storage brings flexibilities and potential benefits to power systems. At the distribution level, a storage system can provide increased reliability, savings due to the ability to defer infrastructure upgrades, and potential revenues through market participation – which leads to increased social welfare.

Despite the values of energy storage systems to a distribution system, there are a few challenges ahead of us. An effective regulatory and operational framework is needed to enable a fully-fledged integration in the power system of distributed (behind-the-meter) and utility-scale storage systems. To ensure the financial viability of distribution networks that integrate a large number of prosumers and to guarantee high supply security through an up-to-date distribution infrastructure,  a rate structure is needed, which would include a security component (perhaps dominant) and an energy component (perhaps non-dominant). In addition, isolation device placements need to be studied in conjunction with energy storage unit placements to fulfill the benefit of reliability enhancement.

This webinar will give the audience an overview of how to optimally plan and operate energy storage systems in a distribution network to maximize the benefits while addressing the challenges.

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