Local Chapters

R600 (Region 6 - No Council)Class: Geographic SPOType: CouncilURL: http://sites.ieee.org/r6/
STB13591 (California State Univ Dominguez Hills)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student Branch
STB03421 (California State Univ-Long Beach)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student BranchURL: http://www.csulb.edu/colleges/coe/org/ieee/index.html
HKN104 (California State Univ-Long Beach, Epsilon Theta)Class: Organizational SPOType: Affinity
CH06012 (Coastal Los Angeles Chapter, MTT17)Class: Technical SPOType: Chapter
CH06002 (Coastal Los Angeles Chapter,AP03)Class: Technical SPOType: Chapter
LM60051 (Coastal Los Angeles Section Affinity Group, LM)Class: Organizational SPOType: Affinity
YP60051 (Coastal Los Angeles Section Affinity Group., YP)Class: Organizational SPOType: Affinity
CH06013 (Coastal Los Angeles Section Chapter, EMB18)Class: Technical SPOType: Chapter
CH06018 (Coastal Los Angeles Section Chapter, EMC27)Class: Technical SPOType: ChapterURL: http://ewh.ieee.org/r6/lac/emc
CH06025 (Coastal Los Angeles Section Chapter, PHO36)Class: Technical SPOType: Chapter
CH06259 (Coastal Los Angeles Section Chapter, SYS45)Class: Technical SPOType: ChapterURL: http://sites.ieee.org/clas-sysc/
CH06240 (Coastal Los Angeles Section Chapter,C16)Class: Technical SPOType: ChapterURL: http://ewh.ieee.org/r6/coastal_la/computer/
CH06317 (Coastal Los Angeles Section Chapter,PEL35)Class: Technical SPOType: Chapter
CH06005 (Coastal Los Angeles Section Chpt, SP01/VT06/COM19)Class: Technical SPOType: Joint ChapterURL: http://ewh.ieee.org/r6/lac/comm-sig-vt/ieee.html
STB00951 (Loyola Marymount Univ)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student Branch
CH06191 (Metro/Coastal LA Section Chapter, SSC37)Class: Technical SPOType: Joint Chapter
STB00281 (University of California-Los Angeles)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student Branch
HKN171 (University of California-Los Angeles, Iota Gamma)Class: Organizational SPOType: Affinity