Latest Past Events

Electrical Power Metering to Meet Latest Code Requirements

This month’s presentation will provide an overview of metering applications and codes that require metering. Types of meters, communication requirements, programming, troubleshooting and installation will also be covered.Speaker: James Chan, Regional Sales Manager – Electro Industries/[email protected] James Chan is a Regional Sales Manager at Electro Industries/GaugeTech-Hubbell.  He has 8 years of experience in electrical power metering,... Read more

Technical Meeting – Allen Bradley Low Voltage Motor Control Centers (Virtual)

TBD - Downtown Chicago Chicago

This month’s presentation will provide an overview of the Allen Bradley 2100 motor control centers, with a focus on the different safety features that can be included with the MCCs. A general review of motor control center and insert options will be covered, as well as power system considerations for AC drives and MCC networking... Read more

Fuses and Overcurrent Protection

TOPIC: Fuses and Overcurrent Protection SPEAKER: Joe Pavia, P.E. Field Application Engineer, BussmannDivision, Eaton