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Customer Power Quality Seminar – Chattanooga, TN

January 18 @ 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Co-sponsored by: TVA & EPRI

Are you frustrated by your industrial processes tripping off-line due to power quality issues?  Would you like to better understand how the utility is working to improve your power quality issues and determine what you can do on your side of the meter as well?   Come join us for a five-hour seminar on power quality issues and solutions.  In this seminar you will learn how power quality events occur, what level of power quality is normal, new power quality standards, and how to make your industrial systems more robust to these events.  The seminar will also address the affordability and economics of such solutions.   You will leave this seminar with fresh knowledge to attack power quality induced downtime at your site.

The seminar will run from 9AM to 3PM with lunch provided. 


The Electrical Environment. What level of PQ performance is “normal” for various power systems? How does the power system performance vary by voltage class?  In this session, we will data mine the TPQ/DPQ III benchmark study and look at how to apply the results of the study to help you better communicate to your customer to help them understand common Power Quality levels.

IEEE Std. 1668-2017.  In this session, we will review the new IEEE Standard for voltage sag ride-through.  The session will present the requirements of the targeted approach for improving power quality for both the utilities and industry.

Effects of Voltage Sags on Industrial Equipment design strategy. In this session, the susceptibilities of various industrial equipment to voltage sags will be discussed and demonstrated. This session will include examples of customer drawings and systems taken from actual sites, supplemented by test results and video demonstrations. EPRI’s PQ Investigator software will be used to show PQ issues in various industries, equipment issues, and power quality susceptibilities of devices and components.

Embedded Solution Approaches through equipment design strategy. In this section we will review and demonstrate the latest methodologies to make industrial systems more robust to voltage sags and momentary interruptions issues by using embedded design techniques.  When properly done, many systems may not need a power conditioner to ride-through typical events. 

Embedded Solutions through targeted power conditioning. There are several types of power conditioners that can be utilized to make industrial systems less susceptible to voltage sags, swells, lightning strikes, and momentary outages.  In this section we will review the technologies and show videos demonstrate solutions for hardening industrial systems through battery-less power conditioning.

Machine and Panel Level Solutions.  Sometimes it makes more sense to apply solutions at sub panel level, feeder level, or even at the whole plant level. In this session, we will review the available options and economics of this approach. 

Economics of Downtime. Without demonstrating quick simple payback and a positive net present value it’s not likely that mitigation solutions will be approved.  This session will show how to make the economic case and discuss actionable economic scenarios.

Bldg: UTC SimCenter Auditorium
701 E M L King Blvd
Chattanooga, Tennessee


January 18
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
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