From Brain to AI/ML and Back – 19 JULY @ 6PM


“From Brain to AI/ML and Back” by Ambuj Singh: DISTINGUISHED PROFESSOR UCSB-CS

Location – Rusty’s Pizza ­­5934 Calle Real, Goleta, CA 93117

6:00 PM – Complimentary Pizza, Salad, Beverage­

6:25 PM – Central Coast Status

6:30 PM – Dr. Ambuj Singh Presents

Please join us on July 19 when Distinguished Professor Ambuj Singh (UCSB-CS) will be speaking on his research into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in his talk From Brain to AI/ML and Back”.  Guests are welcome. Please Register everyone.

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From Brain to AI/ML and Back

Abstract: Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) have been extremely successful in predicting, optimizing, and controlling the behavior of complex interacting systems. Robustness and explainability of existing AI/ML methods, however, remain big challenges, and clearly new approaches are needed. The human brain motivated the early development of the field of deep learning and neuroscientific concepts have contributed to the profound success of deep learning algorithms across many areas. The next leap in AI/ML may again come from a deeper understanding of modularity, robustness, and adaptability of brain architectures. Some of the challenges along this goal are to analyze and integrate heterogeneous brain signals across modalities, tasks, and subjects; decipher brain organizational structures; engineer novel deep learning architectures; and apply the insights into platforms that can effectively interact, support, and collaborate with humans. In this talk I will discuss some recent methods that integrate multimodal brain data to infer brain subnetworks, understand heterogeneity, learn representations of dynamic brain signals, and reconstruct complex high-fidelity imagery from input brain signals.