A Realistic Assessment of Intelligent Behavior and Machine Learning – 19 OCTOBER @ 6PM

IEEE CENTRAL COAST FREE EVENT – 19 OCTOBER @ 6PM @ RUSTY’S PIZZA – Distinguished Lecturer Dr. Behrooz Parhami Professor PRESENTS  “A Realistic Assessment of Intelligent Behavior and Machine Learning”

Location – Rusty’s Pizza ­­ 5934 Calle Real, Goleta, CA 93117

6:00 PM – Complimentary Pizza, Salad, Beverage­

6:25 PM – Central Coast Status

6:30 PM – Dr. Parhami Presents

Please join us for the 19 October 2022 IEEE Central Coast Event. Our own Professor Behrooz Parhami, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, will honor us with his very interesting lecture “A Realistic Assessment of Intelligent Behavior and Machine Learning”. I look forward to seeing you all on the 19th and know you will all enjoy this lecture. The Abstract and Professor Parhami’s short Bio follow.

Link to Register yourself and guests:  https://events.vtools.ieee.org/event/register/326153

 “A Realistic Assessment of Intelligent Behavior and Machine Learning”

Defining artificial intelligence (AI), or plain intelligence for that matter, has proven more difficult than expected. Many people have thrown up their arms, taking the position that, even though we can’t define AI, we’ll recognize it when we see it! Despite the cycles of hype and disappointment in achieving general AI, success stories abound in making machines behave intelligently in limited domains. Examples include vehicle routing (Uber), logistics (airport gate assignments), and game-playing (Chess, GO). Meanwhile, we still have a long way to go in building machines that can pass the Turing test, as well as in domains such as machine translation, which may require the same, or even greater, capabilities. In recent years, we have come to realize that, as great as the technical challenges are in developing general AI, an even greater challenge is developing awareness and dealing with social implications of massive data repositories and automated decision-making. After collecting petabytes of data on each of us, there is no guarantee that machines, or their masters, will use the data to offer better services and optimal outcomes, rather than controlling and shaping our economic and social behaviors. A key consideration is thus ensuring a balance between facilitating technical progress and ensuring fairness and social justice.

Dr. Behrooz Parhami bio: Behrooz Parhami (PhD, UCLA 1973) is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and former Associate Dean for Academic Personnel, College of Engineering, at University of California, Santa Barbara, where he teaches and does research in computer arithmetic, parallel processing, and dependable computing. A Life Fellow of IEEE, a Fellow of IET and British Computer Society, and recipient of several other awards (including a most-cited paper award from J. Parallel & Distributed Computing), he has written six textbooks and more than 300 peer-reviewed technical papers. Professionally, he is an IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Visitor, serves on journal editorial boards and conference program committees, is passionate about puzzles, outreach efforts, & gender equity, and is active in technical consulting.